Series News Fans of the TV series Tetikçinin Oğlu are very worried as the uncertainties increase!

Fans of the TV series Tetikçinin Oğlu are very worried as the uncertainties increase!


There was a serious loss of ratings in the previous episode of the TV series Tetikçinin Oğlu (Shooter’s Son), the 7th episode of which will be broadcast on Fox TV on Tuesday evening.

Despite the fact that there are two very influential names such as Timuçin Esen and Şevket Çoruh in the lead roles in the series, there are also remarkable names such as Serhat Kılıç, Bahar Şahin, Genco Özak, Sezin Akbaşoğulları in the cast, but the project did not receive the expected attention.

The series, which received strong audience support in a couple of episodes that first started, lost interest later on. It is considered that the strong debut of the Show TV series Aile (Family), in particular, is effective in the fall of the Tetikçinin Oğlu.

The team completed the shooting of the first 8 episodes and took a season break for the Tetikçinin Oğlu series, which has an action-packed story.

Bahar Şahin, who plays the character of Sibel in the story, stated that the first season will be 8 episodes and that they will continue the project. However, those who look at the ratings of the series think that it will not be that easy.

It seemed a little difficult for Fox TV to give a chance to the TV series Tetikçinn Oğlu in the next season, with its ratings falling to 2 ratios. However, according to the news in the press, plans are being made for the series to be on the screen next season with the actor changes.

It is also mentioned that Timuçin Esen and Şevket Çoruh, who are in the lead roles in the TV series Tetikçinin Oğlu, may go on the road with other names. Of course, all these situations also create confusion.

It did not occur to many viewers that Fox TV wanted to continue a project with very low ratings in the second season. The 7th episode of the Tetikçinin Oğlu project will be screened on Tuesday, May 30, and the ratings will be more important than ever.

As Bahar Şahin stated, the first season will be broadcast as 8 episodes, but it should be noted that Fox TV has not yet had the last word, although a positive image has been drawn in the press about the second season.