Artists News Timuçin Esen fans will love the new project!

Timuçin Esen fans will love the new project!


Master actor Timuçin Esen has been on the screens for a while. The famous actor, who played the leading role in the TV series project called Tetikçinin Oğlu (Hitman’s Son) last season, had a misfortune with the story being defeated by the ratings and his short screen life.

Fans of Timuçin Esen cannot forget the character Ateş in the doctor series Hekimoğlu, which they still remember. In the cinema, the actor took part in both the Zaferin Rengi (Color of Victory) and Garip Bülbül Neşet Ertaş.

It is not known whether Timuçin Esen will appear on the screen in the new period, but he will appear before his fans with a new project in the cinema. Timuçin Esen and Leyla Tanlar met in the movie Dönüş (The Return)…

Sky Films, which produces distinctive feature films, and Nar Film are producing a very ambitious movie called “Dönüş”.

Özcan Alper, one of our award-winning directors, started shooting for the movie “Dönüş”. “The Dönüş” is a very effective road movie, dealing with the extraordinary relationships of a man who has problems with life and a foreign woman. Director Özcan Alper, who started shooting in Istanbul, will tell his story along the entire Black Sea coast.

Emre Oskay and Soner Alper, who have made a difference with the projects they have produced in recent years, are the producers of the film, which is shared by master actor Timuçin Esen, who is highly appreciated with every character he plays, and Leyla Tanlar, one of the most successful actresses of the young generation.

Özcan Alper also wrote the script of the film with his wife Lusin Dink and Uğur Aydedim. “The Dönüş” is the story of an impossible love that extends from Istanbul to Georgia…