Series News Güzel Günler will end, but the love that started in the series will continue!

Güzel Günler will end, but the love that started in the series will continue!


Show TV screen is going step by step towards the finale of the series called Güzel Günler (Good Days), which is meeting with the audience. On the set of the series, which has broadcast 22 episodes so far, the love of the two young actors appeared in March. We are talking about Burak Dakak and Leyla Tanlar.

The love of the duo, who played the characters of Selma and Mihran in the story of the series, emerged last month when they were viewed hand in hand. It was understood that the rapprochement that started between the two after meeting on the set turned into love.

The Güzel Günler series, on the other hand, goes step by step towards the finale. A claim was made that the series, which had 22 episodes so far, would make a final in the 26th episode. It is certain that the series, which includes important names such as Binnur Kaya, Zeynep Çamcı, Ecem Erkek and Olgun Toker, will say goodbye with the 26th episode, which will be broadcast on Sunday, June 11th.

Leyla Tanlar and Burak Dakak, who started to live their love on the street and display a relaxed attitude in front of the cameras, announced that the series is approaching goodbye. In the series, the characters of Mirhan and Selma will marry, as a tip, came out of the mouth of the actors.

Leyla Tanlar said, “Everything is fine for us. It’s almost gone now. It’s almost time for the final,” she said. Tanlar and Dakak will take a vacation for a while during the summer, and will not immediately start a new project.

The Güzel Günler series has become one of the remarkable projects of this season with its warm story and successful performances of the actors. Although the ratings did not reach a very high point, a bone audience was formed that followed the series and eagerly awaited it every week.

The Güzel Günler series was a project in which especially young names came to the fore and both entertained and saddened the audience with different emotions.