Series News The Tetikçinin Oğlu TV series project Timuçin Esen did not meet the expectations of his fans!

The Tetikçinin Oğlu TV series project Timuçin Esen did not meet the expectations of his fans!


The Tetikçinin Oğlu (Shooter’s Son) series initially pleased those looking for action-packed production in the 2022-2023 season. In particular, Timuçin Esen’s return to the sets, as well as the return of Şevket Çoruh, whom we watched for 16 years in the TV series Arka Sokaklar, to the screen with a completely different role, gave hope to many viewers.

The Tetikçinin Oğlu series was an important project, especially for those who were eagerly awaiting the performance of the two lead actors. However, the series fell out of favor after a few episodes due to its falling ratings and the pending process.

It was nice to return to the TV series that Timuçin Esen fans were eagerly waiting for, but there was a situation where the expectations of the audience were not fully met.

The fact that it was deleted from the screen with the 7th episode of the Fox TV series, in which Genco Özak and Bahar Şahin duo drew attention, confused the audience.

Bahar Şahin said in her statement that they shot 8 episodes and gave them a season break. While there is information in the press that the series has made its finale, there are also those who talk about the producer’s different story setup and the possibility of continuing the series with new actors.

The importance of the TV series Tetikçinin Oğlu was very important for the fans of the actor, as Timuçin Esen returned to the screen after the popular TV series Hekimoğlu.

The actor, whom we watched in the TV series Ben Gri (I am Gray), returned to the TV series again, but the result did not fully satisfy his fans.

Fans of Timuçin Esen, who are wondering what he will do in the next period, seem to be waiting for the actor again with longing.

Timuçin Esen, who has created a very large fan base with different movies and TV series since 2003, had great expectations from the TV series “Tetikçinin Oğllu”, since he was not a name who often made projects on the screen.

Known for taking part in long-term works such as the Kapalıçarşı, Gönül İşleri, Bodrum Masalı, Gülperi and Hekimoğlu, Timuçin Esen is not sure when he will return to the sets.

However, the fact that he is one of the most important actors that his fans expect to be on the screen with brand new roles remains in the middle.