Artists News A painful story that makes Fulya Zenginer cry so much!

A painful story that makes Fulya Zenginer cry so much!


In March 2018, Gönül Zenginer, the mother of Fulya Zenginer, died. The actress who announced the news on social media also told about the pain he experienced. Fulya Zenginer, who lost her father in 2000 and said that they had reached a degree that they could not even buy a bread, had the pain of giving her mother to the ground after 18 years.

“She will not be sick anymore, she will not suffer, she went to a much better place from here. He got out of her body, which could no longer carry that beautiful soul. Fulya Zenginer, who passed away two years ago, saying that my mother is goodbye until she meets again, is burning with the longing of her mother these days …

“How did you cope with this pain after your mother’s death?” The actress was very touched by the question, “When my mother passed away, life fell on my head. Because I did her acting to make her happy and buy her dream home. On the day we went, I cried a lot and said, “Now she cannot look at the house we bought”. This ruined me. “There were days when we couldn’t buy bread after my father’s death, and we fought with my mother.”

The actress who grew up in Zeytinburnu has never been a rebellious person. Having started working from the age of 17, Zenginer has lived a life standing upright.

The actress, who gives hope to young people, said, “Young people should not lose their hopes. As I think of my mother, I can stand by saying, “I am part of it, and I will keep it alive if I continue.” This is how I cope with pain. She also drew attention with the statement “I thank God for the times we spend together.”