Who is Fulya Zenginer? Height - Age - Series - Family
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30 September 2022 08:13


Who is Fulya Zenginer? Height – Age – Series – Family

Fulya Zenginer Evren was born on July 21, 1989 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series and movie actress.

Name: Fulya Zenginer Evren
Date of Birth: July 21, 1989
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.61 m.
Weight: 52 kg
Horoscope: Cancer
Eyes are blue
Mother: Gönül Zenginer
Spouse: Küntay Tarık Evren
Siblings: Has a sister
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fulyazenginer/
Pets: She has a dog.

Family: She grew up in a family of two children in Istanbul, lost her father when she was 10 years old. She has a sister. It was not difficult to hold on to life thanks to her mother, whom she called “Amazonian woman”. She also lost her mother in 2018. She married graphic artist Kuntay Tarık Evren in 2019. “When my mother passed away, life was ruined by me. Because I acted to make him happy, to buy his dream house. On the day he left, I said, “Now he will not be able to look at the view in the house we bought,” and cried a lot. This ruined me. There were days when we couldn’t buy bread after my father’s death, and we struggled with my mother. I was born and raised in Zeytinburnu. I did not rebel against nothing. I started working on the 17th, I stood tall. Young people should not lose their hope. The more I think of my mother, the more I can stand by saying ‘I am a part of her, if I continue, I will keep her alive’. This is how I deal with pain. I also thank God for the time we spent together. ”

Childhood years: Ever since my childhood, she wanted to be an actress. “As a child, I used to cry” I will be an actor. ” They used to say ‘You are younger’, ‘Then I’ll play in the diaper commercial, too, because they are too small.’ ”

Education life: After graduating from Zeytinburnu Nuri Paşa Primary School, she graduated from Bakırköy High School. She completed her undergraduate education at Haliç University Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Public Relations and Publicity. After finishing high school, Tümay Özokur started to work under her agency. Simultaneously, she received theater training at an intense tempo for a while from the state theater actor and art director Aytekin Özen.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure in 2006 with the series “İki Aile” (Two Families).

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character of “Yeliz Gezici” in the “Küçük Kadınlar” (Little Women) series.

Turning point of her career: She sees the series ‘Little Women’ as the turning point of her career. “The highest rung in my career was” Little Women “. There is also an interesting story of me starting that series; My mother had a heart attack the day I was going to play in “Two Families”, she was in intensive care. I had to go to the set at 02:00. At 01:00, my mother wanted to see me, she called her and said ‘You will go to that set’. So I went, played a jolly girl, and when the shooting was over, I suddenly started crying. My mother was in the hospital when I was going to meet for ‘Little Women’, and I was staying with her. I said that I couldn’t go to the interview because I didn’t want to leave him My mother said, “You will go” again. Frankly, I had no hope that I would be elected, but my mother convinced me both times, they both turned out well. ”

Personality traits: Honest, cheerful, sympathetic, but also distant, mature, determined. “Those who know me say,” Her words are big, her own little woman. ” I grew up early, but I’m hiding a child deep inside. A little sad, hopeful boy. I am a complicated and confidential and at the same time difficult person, and I guess I am happy about that. ”

Mindset: She likes to act with her emotions. “I move with my heart. My logic is in the background. It is very sacrifice. I was wrong when I acted with logic, but when I acted with my emotions, I was never wrong. ”

The source of happiness: She is happy with the attention of her fans. “I played my first lead at the age of 17 and thank God I always did long-lasting work. This also brought recognition. I am used to this situation but I am not dependent on it. I don’t like being called ‘fans’ because we are not all made of the same substance. I don’t see myself anywhere else. The support of the people who follow and love me is of course very important. There are those who have followed it since the “Two Families” TV series. They are like my brother and friend now. Is there any beauty of love anyway! I also know its value. ”

First motion picture: Ersoy Güler / Sağ Salim

Her look at love: “I believe in love at first sight. I do not agree that great loves are not experienced. Yes, they may just be out of sight. Love does not have a little, either there is or does not exist. For me, love means contrasts coming together, chaos meets peace. While that huge emotion can turn everything into chaos in an instant, a great chaos can instantly turn into a subtle. So that’s how I live. I also realized that love first wore pink glasses and then blinded people. So all the rumors are true. ”

Her view of life: She lives with herself and is not interested in other people’s lives. “The truth is, I am not interested in people’s lives at all. My job is with myself and my loved ones. I prefer to ignore people I dislike or disapprove of. Thus, I remove negative energies and bad thoughts from my life. I have a mixed life philosophy. I try to be a good person by saying, “Do not do good by expecting reward, but sooner or later, know that even if pain comes in between, you will get your reward. I risk everything for my loved ones. I don’t think life would be meaningful without them. I’ve been away from sets for a while, I miss character portrayal, not sets. To sign a project; It takes a lot of time, like renting a period of your life. My time with my wife is precious, I don’t want to cancel the hours I dream of spending with her. I used to be a workaholic, now I’m focused on not missing the moment. ”

Perspective on business life: When evaluating a project, he always looks at the scenario first. “The scenario that matters most to me. The character I’m going to play comes later. If I like the story, I will look at the characteristics of the character. I don’t play every role. If there is no project that sucks me, I take a break from the screen. I enjoy both comedy and drama very much. The audience should make the decision on this matter. I believe I perform as needed in both genres. But of course I have a lot to learn and a long way to go on this road. I have only one rule; to believe the script. Other than that, I have no rules. I am in love with my job. I also make the decisions about my work. Nobody else can make a decision about me. I will crush whoever it is. My family always respects my decisions. I’m used to having my decisions respected. ”

Career plan: She is pleased with the point she has reached in her career. “I believe I am at a good point right now. I have a lot more to learn, but I don’t plan, I just enjoy where I am. I was thinking about acting in the theater beforehand, and even the offer came. But then I realized that I don’t want to do theater. Many players want it, but I don’t. I want to be a cinema and TV series actor and improve myself in these two areas. I am not in love with the theater and it is not something to be done without falling in love. There is no special role I want to portray, but my dream is to play in a period drama. I want to go back to the past, wear those old clothes. The place I come from is great. I cannot describe the satisfaction I feel. I’ve had so many things in my career; I shone, I fell to the bottom, sometimes there was a queue at my door, at one point I was unemployed. I’ve experienced every phase of acting. I put everything I’ve learned now in my pocket, I’ve become a good entrepreneur with my experience. I turned from the girl who set out with the dream of acting into a business woman. ”

Future Dream: The only plan for the future is to live life by giving it its right. She also wants to be a mother in the future. “I am unplanned, live in the flow, and of course I will be a mother when the time comes. It is too early to think about the biological clock. ”

How did she decide to write a book? She wrote a pedagogue-approved children’s book called ‘Dali Dali’. “Dali Dali “was originally written as a cartoon script, we had a dream of making a cartoon with my wife Küntay. During this process, we realized that all our favorite heroes came out of comics and books. That’s why we wanted our heroes to meet with children first through the book. We also wanted to encourage reading habits. It became a children’s book with pictures of “Dali Dali”. The 3rd edition is entering. In the book, children are presented with a strong friendship story. Our aim is to ensure that children can make friends and make peace with themselves without othering them. We want to make cartoons for children that are non-violent, support their imagination, and at the same time they can learn without getting bored. There is not enough good content for kids on screen or in digital media. ‘It took us a year to write Dali Dali and prepare his drawings.”

Her hobby: “She is meditating and painting. “You turn into meditation. I believe all people are essentially clean and good. Being able to return to that essence cleanses people. I’ve been painting for a while. When I first started, I was doing six hours a day. Painting both entertains and relaxes me. ”

Concerns: Violence against women is the most worrying issue. “This is a very profound issue. In fact, it is an interview topic in itself, but if I have to summarize a few sentences; education is a must. The “Woman missing skirt, walk back” mentality still exists. More painful; There are also women who embrace this discrimination. Because they saw it that way, they learned that way. We do not all grow up under the same conditions. But education can solve this. In addition, there are women who have been beaten, harassed or even raped. Education doesn’t work there either. That’s why I think the enforcement of the laws should be more deterrent. ”

Who does she admire? Bergüzar respects and admires Korel’s acting and stance.

Male attractiveness criterion: She finds good-hearted and intelligent men attractive.

How is she with social media? She actively uses social media. “I am one of those who see technology as a blessing. From bank transactions to shopping, I handle a lot of my work over the internet. I especially follow phone models and tablets, but I am not in favor of changing my phone unless it is broken. ”

What does she spend money on? Se gained the habit of saving money as a child. She is investing her money in real estate. “I had a piggy bank when I was little. We’d unload it at the end of the year, buy me a bike or something. I save a lot of horrible money. I spend the most on shoes and training, I’m not a person living extreme lives. If I’m going to buy something, I’m trying to match the discounts or something. ”


2008 – Doktorlar (Doctors) / Hande (Guest Player)

2006- İki Aile (Two Families) / Eda

2008 / 2010- Küçük Kadınlar (Little Women) / Yeliz Gezici

2011 – Tövbeler Tövbesi / Fidan

2012/2014- Don’t Worry About Me / Büke

2015/ 2016- Fabrika Kızı / Aylin

2017- Seni Kimler Aldı / Zehra Yılmaz

2018- Elli Kelimelik Mektuplar


2012- Sağ Salim / Nihal

2013- Davetsiz Misafir (TV Film)

2013- El- Cin

2015 – Altın Horoz

2016 – Seni Seven Ölsün/ Ilgaz

2016 – Güzel İkili (TV Film)

2019 – Mirasyedi / Selen (TV Film)

2019- Davetsiz / Aspendos (TV Film)


2021- Dali Dali/ Çocuk Kitabı

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