Who is Hande Katipoğlu? Height - Age - Series - Family
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7 October 2022 10:15


Who is Hande Katipoğlu? Height – Age – Series – Family

Hande Katipoğlu was born on March 13, 1983 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series, cinema, theater actress and presenter.

Name: Hande Katipoğlu
Date of Birth: March 13, 1982
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.70 m.
Weight: 54 kg
Horoscope: Pisces
Eye color brown
Siblings: Has an older sister
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/handekatipoglu/
Pets: She has a dog.

Childhood years: As a child, she dreamed of being a painter. “Colors have always appealed to me. Glossy, matte, different. I would all like it. Also, I loved drawing books. Of course, there were not many painted and decorated notebooks like today; hence it was not cheap either. Therefore, the things I valued the most were my notebooks and crayons. After all, there was an order in my life. The conditions of life and the things it brought were also different. If I was a daughter of a wealthy family, maybe I could have tried it earlier. But we did not have such a possibility. In addition, since painting is not seen as a profession in our society, it was a bit difficult to do this job, especially in previous periods.

Education life: After graduating from Bilfen College, she started her higher education life in Süleyman Demirel University, Department of Sociology, but after only one year, she left her education in Istanbul and returned to Istanbul and graduated from TÜRVAK Cinema / TV Education Center Presentation Department and at Müjdat Gezen Art Center. She studied acting.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure in 2005 with the character ‘Mine’ in the TV series Breathless.

Which project did she shine with? She drew attention with the “Simge” character she portrayed in the TV series “Yahşi Cazibe”.

The turning point of her career: While she was studying at TÜRVAK Cinema-TV Training Center in Istanbul, she started to do an internship on Türker İnanoğlu’s television channel named Super Channel. “At that time, serial acting, hosting and advertising jobs started to come. Many productions I played in did not work. I wanted to secure myself financially. I created my customer portfolio at Acıbadem Sigorta after 4 years. We opened an agency with my girlfriends that I got along well. However, I was able to continue acting after the agency. The character of Simge in Yahşi Cazibe was the turning point of my career. Many people have been considered for the role. After the trials, they saw that I would best sit in the role. I did not blacken their faces. I was not a blonde when I was chosen. I even burned my hair for the role! My hair was pitch black. A week before I got married, I wanted to be a brown-haired bride, not a dark-haired bride. I dyed my hair from black to brown. Hair is worn, of course. When it was clear that I was going to act in the drama, they said they wanted me blonde. Even if I said ‘Don’t do it’, we shot the first part with a wig. I’m a troubled person, of course I couldn’t handle a wig. I said ‘I will make my hair yellow’. Even though my hairdresser said, “Hande your hair is getting married”, I didn’t want to continue with a wig. My hair broke off one by one. We looked very broken, we cut. ”

Personality traits: Inside out, plain, cheerful, funny, funny.

Social: She has a domestic nature, she likes to spend her free time at home with her loved ones. “I don’t leave much of the house. If I leave, I go to my friends’ house. Or we go out with my girlfriends on the Anatolian side such as Fenerbahçe and Bağdat Caddesi. But I don’t travel like a ‘street girl’ either. I prefer modest places to expensive places. If we are going to an expensive place, we will go for a reward and enjoy it! ”

Mindset: She took a break from sets and stages for a while. This turn turned into herself and rested. “I realized that I have been trying to make everyone happy except myself for years and I added ‘myself’ to those people. So I turned towards my life. Painting is a hobby that has made me relax and happy since childhood. I explored myself and the world with my dear friend psychologist Canan Araz. Since I started learning to love myself, my world has been more balanced and peaceful. While the financial benefits of being on the screen continuously are high, it is not less that it takes spiritually. The road is sometimes tiring. Then we need to take a breather and rest. ”

First movie: Murat Şeker / Arkadaşım Max

Her gaze on love: “I think we live by changing love and other emotions as strong as she does. In other words, my perception of love at the age of 25 is very different from the age of 35, of course. ”

Her view of business life: She thinks her biggest chance is to do what she’s in love with. “Acting and stage keep me alive. Due to my profession, I can handle any role. While playing the actor role, he should not be concerned about looking beautiful. In this profession, you can play a patient or a woman who is not in demand. In case of such roles, I play at the expense of drawing the charisma. Though I don’t have a charisma either. As long as drinking is sneaky. ”

Career plan: She usually prefers comedy in her project choices. “Because I love the joyful side of life. But in the future, I can also play a nerdy, confusing or not too fancy, lame but funny character. “

Future Dream: “To be a happy person. A happy person is a healthy person, a person who has found his inner balance. He knows that everything that is and is not for his good. Happy people have love, tolerance and understanding. ”

Role model: She wants to get somewhere in comedy. “Yasemin Yalçın and Demet Akbağ are very good examples for me. Let’s see what life will show me on this road. After all, not everyone can do the things they plan or want. ”

What does she do at home? She’s good with the kitchen, she cooks well. “I even host guests in an hour. Whatever I am inside, he is outside. I do not like toppings. I also prefer simplicity in my home. I don’t like trinkets or anything. It becomes dust. I am clean. I also clean my house myself, and our assistant comes once a week.


2005 – Breathless /Mine

2005- Dolunay / Derya

2006 – Deli Dolu / Gülin

2010/2012 – Yahşi Cazibe /Simge

2011 – Alemin Kıralı / Esra

2011- Dirty Seven / Adanalı Nevriye Kaçak

2012/2013 – Harem / Mürebbiye Bihter

2014- Ah Neriman/ Pınar

2017- Dostlar Mahallesi/ Füsun

2018 Ağlak Arif Mualla

2019- Jet Society/ Ela

2020- Tutunamayanlar/ Belgin

2021- Sihirli Annem / Suzan


2021 Pilavüstü Aşk

2019- Ağlak Arif (TV Film)

2019 Hareket Sekiz/ Canan

2019- Hababam Sınıfı Yeniden/ Buckingham Huriye

2018 – Benden Bu Kadar/ Pınar Mutlu

2018- Çakallarla Dans 5/ Rabbit Zeynep

2017- Sümelanın Şifresi 3: Cünyor Temel /Nevriye Kurabiyye

2016 – Çakallarla Dans 4 / Rabbit Zeynep

2014- Hayat Sana Güzel/ Behiye Yapıcı

2013- Arkadaşım Max / Şermin


2016- Her Aşk Biraz Komiktir

Aşka Olan Meylim Senin Yüzünden


2004- Bambaşka Biri

2014- Çat Kapı

2018- Görevimiz Tatil


2017- New Theater Magazine Labor and Success Awards / Best Comedy Actress of the Year in Musical Branch / Her Aşk Biraz Komiktir

2012- 2nd Antalya TV Awards / Best Supporting Actress / Yahşi Cazibe

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