Who is Hakan Yılmaz? Height - Age - Series - Family
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7 October 2022 08:15


Who is Hakan Yılmaz? Height – Age – Series – Family

Hakan Yılmaz was born on December 6, 1969 in Rize. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor.

Name: Hakan Yılmaz
Date of Birth: December 6, 1969
Place of Birth: Rize
Height: 1.78 m.
Weight: 72 kg
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Eye color Hazel
Spouse: Elif Yılmaz
Child: He has two daughters
Siblings: He has two siblings
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oyunadami/
Pets: He has a dog.

Family: Originally from Rize. His first marriage was with Bengü Yılmaz in 1997, but he was divorced in 2009. She has a daughter from this marriage. In 2013, he married Elif Yılmaz for the second time. There is also a daughter from her second marriage. “We are three brothers, my parents always told us ‘Be human’, they raised us so that people love people regardless of class. That’s how I love people. I mean, I see that people love me too. Or the characters I portray touch people somewhere. My parents always used to tell us succinct words from time to time. My father used to say ‘don’t be an empty spike’. Or my mother has a very nice saying, “As you grow smaller,” that is, humility is a very important thing. I try to raise my children in this direction as much as I can. ”

Childhood years: His passion for acting started when he was a kid. She had her first stage experience in the second grade of elementary school in the play “Stingy and Greengrocer”. She did folklore studies under the teacher of Üstün Gürtuna during her school years. She took modern dance lessons from Çetin Cengiz during her high school years. She gave dance lessons in the same hall for 3 years. She couldn’t win the theater department of the conservatory. He played in children’s games in amateur theater groups and schools.

Education life: He studied acting at the Tevfik Gelenbe Theater.

The first step to acting: He started his television adventure with the character of “Teoman Acaroğlu”, which he played in the series “Ayrılsak da Beraberiz”.

With which project did he shine? He drew attention with the character “Kemal Kükreyen”, which he portrayed in the series “Yahşi Cazibe”.

The turning point of his career: In 1988, he started appearing on the screens for the first time in the “Sunday 88” program broadcast on TRT. During his military service, he appeared in the photography and animation team for 15 months. After completing his military service, he settled in Antalya, where he took the stage at the Line Theater for 2 years. Then he settled in Istanbul and studied acting at Tevfik Gelenbe Theater. “Actually my experiences are all the same for me. They are like my child. But there are cornerstone characters for me. For example, ‘We Are Together Even If We Break Up’, which I did in the first 99 years, is very important to me. I can say that I learned acting in front of the camera there. We worked with very valuable masters. After that, the role I played in a movie called “What Happened to Me” in Giresun is one of the important characters for me. Thanks to “Yahşi Cazibe”, people loved me very much, but that character was instrumental in adding love to that love. ”

Personality traits: Hardworking, idealistic, forgiving. “I can get angry quickly, but it passes quickly. Like the flame of straw, they take my heart, and when I upset someone, I can immediately get their heart. ”

Mindset: Believes in the power of looking at life and people with love. “What can’t we share? The world is enough for all of us, I mean ambitions, bad thoughts, we are the ones who spoil the world. Punishment for the world, human. What will the solution be? He will be a good person, so he will probably look good. I wish everyone lived humanely. When everyone looks eye to eye, look at each other lovingly. ”

The source of happiness: He feels happy every moment he spends with his loved ones. “I can break up from time to time. I experience declines from time to time, like every person, but when I look at it in general, I am happy when I am together with my nuclear family, my parents and my siblings. But when I go out a little bit, my happiness can be shaken a little or the elements around can disturb me. Then I’m trying to be happy in those troubles. I’m not happy when I’m alone, I don’t like loneliness. I want to be with my loved ones. I want to live a happy, peaceful and beautiful life. ”

First motion picture: Derviş Zaim / Filler ve Çimen

His gaze on love: “After a while, love can end and the relationship can return to a routine. It is very important to maintain respect. ”

View of life: He believes in the importance of loving life. “It is important to love to live. I want to look at life with such beautiful eyes. We already have troubles around. There will be difficulties so that laughter is needed. That’s why I love comedy. When people see me on stage and on TV, and a little smile on their lips, it’s gone. ”

His view of business life: He thinks he is doing the best job in the world. If he was born again, he would want to be an actor again. “Because I have the chance to revive different occupational groups under one job. I am doing a pleasant job. As long as God gives me health, I will try to do it for life. I think very professionally about business. I think I am doing a job as serious as a doctor. Of course, medicine is a sacred profession, but I also enter people’s minds as a thought. I’m telling something, I want what I’m telling people to get into their minds. If I can’t achieve this, or if there are obstacles to it, then I can be a bit cheesy. But it doesn’t take much, I fix it after ten minutes. ”

Career plan: He wants to act in roles outside of comedy. “I’ve thought about this many times, but the offers that come to me are always about comedy. To some extent, you say ‘No’, after a while you get bored and want to do something. If a different role comes up one day that will surprise me and the audience, I will do it. But I love comedy. We already have a state to cry as a country. That’s why I like to make people smile a little bit. ”

Dream of the Future: He wants to shoot a movie in the future. “I want to both write and direct. I also take my little notes like this. I hope this is my dream, I want to be on the big screen with a beautiful story named Hakan Yılmaz, who writes and directs. I wrote eighty percent of “Insufficient Balance” in the theater. I got out and played. ‘Until Death Do Us Part’ I directed it. I’m slowly making my dreams come true. There is a movie, I have very small dreams, so I don’t have big dreams. ”

What kind of father? He describes being a father as “the turning point of his life.” “The first time my perspective on life changed, when my first elder daughter was born and I took it in my arms, I said that from now on I throw away that previous life, it is now in the past. And I say that today is the first day of my remaining life. I want to live according to him. I look at it like that every morning when I wake up. The birth of my children is the turning point in my life for me. I try to choose the jobs I do according to him and organize my life accordingly, because now I work for my children. I surpassed myself. ”


1999/2004- Ayrılsak da Beraberiz / Teoman Acaroğlu

2000- Sıdıka / Selahattin

2000- Yangın Ayşe / Dr. Muzaffer

2000- Küçük İbo / Guest Player

2004- Uy Başuma Gelenler / Hakan

2005- Kısmet / Ayhan

2006- Erkeksen Seyret / Cemil

2007- Baba Oluyorum / Özgür

2007- Leaf Cast

2007/2009- Avrupa Yakası/ Osman Koçarslanlı

2008- Komedi Türk

2008/2009- Yalancı Romantik / Ahmet Gökova

2010/2012- Yahşi Cazibe / Kemal Kükreyen

2011- Dirty Seven / Guest Player

2013- Ali Loves Ayşe /Ali

2013- Cesur Hemşire (Brave Nurse) / Cesur

2014- Üç Arkadaş (Three Friends) /Murat

2018- Big Fat Lies /Ahmet

2020- The Phoenix


2000- Filler ve Çimen

2005- Hababam Sınıfı Üç Buçuk / Feza

2005- Şans Kapıyı Kırınca / Compere

2007- Bayrampaşa: Ben Fazla Kalmayacağım/ Ahmet

2007- Deliler / Ege

2009- Kanal(İ)zasyon/ Berk

2012- Bana Bir Soygun Yaz / Onur

2014- Kendime İyi Bak/ Guest Actor

2016- Bizans Oyunları/ Doctor

2021- Aykut Enişte


2018- Romantizma / Yapımcı

2017- Ölü’n Bizi Ayırana Dek / Serdar / Yönetmen

2017- Talking Tom ve Arkadaşları / Tom

2015- Yetersiz Bakiye / Oyuncu

2004/2005- Sevgili Karım


1996- Televizyon Çocuğu / ATV

2007/2008- Komedi Dükkanı / TRT 1

2008- Gerilim Olur musun? / Akıllı TV

2010- Gülmek Yasak / Star TV

2011- Hakan Bey ATV

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