Yahşi Cazibe | Subject - Actors - Trailers - Episodes - Video (Turkish TV Series)
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Yahşi Cazibe | Subject – Actors – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV Series)

Yahşi Cazibe is a Turkish-made television series in the romantic comedy and sit-com genre, directed by Bora Onur, and written by Özlem Aybek, Gani Müjde and Emre Bülbül.

The series, which brought together important names such as Hakan Yılmaz, Aslıhan Gürbüz, Gökçe Özyol, Hande Katipoğlu, Ege Köekli and Bekir Aksoy, was broadcast for 2 seasons. The series, which lasted 95 episodes in total, won the admiration of a wide audience.

Channel: ATV
Producer: Process Film
Genre: Romantic comedy / Sit-com
Release Date: July 16, 2010 – June 16, 2012
Venue: Istanbul- Baku
Duration: 90 minutes
Music: Kadıköy Emergency Rapper
Starring: Hakan Yılmaz, Aslıhan Gürbüz, Gökçe Özyol, Hande Katipoğlu, Ege Kökenli, Bekir Aksoy, Sezai Aydın, Serhan Arslan.
Cast: Peker Açıkalın, Erdal Türkmen, Belma Canciğer, İnci Pars, Bilgehan Sezer, Sinan Çalışkanoğlu, Selda Özbek.


During its publication, the social media accounts of the series were actively used. Trailers from all accounts, photos from the series and various information were shared. You can find both short scenes and all episodes and trailers on the Youtube channel.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yahsicazibedizi/
Facebook: https://tr-tr.facebook.com/cazibe.kemal.simge
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUkY_qVANckC5J27gxdGNNw
Official website: https://www.atv.com.tr/webtv/yahsi-cazibe/bolum


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The Yahşi Cazibe series, which has been on ATV screens for two years and loved by the audience. Finished in the 93rd chapter. However, the viewer was disappointed that the script of the series was changed in the opposite direction in the last episode, and at that time, the screenwriter of the series, Gani Müjde, was criticized by the columnists. The symbol of goodness, purity and romance since the first episode of the series, Cazibe was shown in the finale as a fraudulent woman who married men for her money. This ending has been heavily criticized by viewers and critics while causing astonishment. The scriptwriter of the series, Gani Müjde, said, ‘The final episode was a surprise to us.

We were going to have a baby final with Cazibe and Kemal. But the producer reported that Cazibe will not make it to the last episode. So we hurriedly made a new happy ending with the players at hand. In order for Kemal to choose Simge, he had to experience a great disappointment due to the scenario. This emotional break was only possible with betrayal. We had to draw the charm character badly, albeit unintentionally. I created, I killed. ”She defended herself with her expressions.


Azerbaijani Cazibe Abbasova, money to get a residence permit in Turkey decides to marry a Turk on paper. Finally she finds Kemal. Kemal and Cazibe will be married for 3 years, they will have to make the auditors believe that they will not divorce and that they have a real marriage in these 3 years.

Kemal, who approves this marriage for money, does not agree with Cazibe at first. As soon as Cazibe gets a residence permit, she will divorce with Kemal and everyone will return to their own lives. Before Cazibe enters Kemal’s world, Kemal has a lover named Simge. Simge is also the daughter of Hulusi Bey, who is the boss of the company where Kemal works. But Hulusi Bey does not know that there is a relationship between Kemal and Simge.

The other neighbors, the psychopathic commissioner Peker Pekmez, is trying to prove that this newly married couple’s marriage is fake. Realizing that they will be supervised by Peker Pekmez, Kemal and Cazibe have to live in the same house for a while. Meanwhile, a secret love begins between Kemal and Cazibe, but they try not to show them to each other. However, Peker Pekmez moves in and rents the house to another commissioner friend Ejder Bey. Because, after the appointment of Peker Bey, the supervision duty was given to Ejder Bey. Meanwhile, Makbule Hanım learned the truth of Kemal and Cazibe.

In the following chapters, Kemal; he learns that he has a daughter. After meeting her daughter, with the approval of Cazibe, the three of them start living together and become like a family. Itır; she loves her father and Cazibe. She knows the two marriages on paper, but realizes that they are in love with each other.
Later, Ejder commissioner is forced to move out of the flat. A pilot named Gökşen moves to the opposite flat with his son named Gökberk. Since Simge is his ex-girlfriend, she thinks Cazibe is a servant and has good feelings for her. Gökberk tries to get Itır.


Actor (Character)

Hakan Yılmaz (Kemal Roaring) marries Cazibe for money after suffering financial difficulties. Although he did not get along very well at first, later he fell in love with Cazibe. On the other hand, he has a relationship with his boss, Hulusi Bey’s daughter, Simge. Simge introduces Kemal Cazibe as his new maid in order to capture Kemal with Cazibe. He does not like Simge, but he has to continue the relationship with the fear of losing his job. She is overly attached to her daughter.

Aslıhan Gürbüz (Cazibe Abbasova) comes to Istanbul from Azerbaijan to find a job. In order to find a job, he must obtain a residence permit. Through Gül Hanım, she meets Kemal, who has financial difficulties. Although she did not like Kemal at first, she falls in love with Kemal in the future. She is allergic to dogs. She doesn’t like Simge because she is Kemal’s lover, and she doesn’t like Paris because she is allergic to dogs. She loved Kemal’s daughter Itır, who appeared later, as her own daughter since the first day she saw her. She was revealed to be a fraud after her ex-husband came from England.

Peker Açıkalın (Peker Pekmez) is Kemal’s opposite neighbor. Psychopath Commissioner Peker Pekmez tries to prove that Kemal and Cazibe’s marriages were fake. In the 35th episode, Peker Pekmez was appointed to Siirt and moved.

Gökçe Özyol (Barış Apaydın) is Kemal’s childhood friend and company friend. He is one of the funniest characters in the series. He hears a lot of words from Kemal. He knows that Kemal and Cazibe are married. He loves the food of Cazibe. His favorite food is pastry. He loves to eat pastries made by Cazibe. She is a womanizer. Pepel is. At the same time, his friend Kemal sometimes calls Barış as Amoeb. He also has very good acting skills. In the series, she also takes part in many roles such as Bereket Dede, Lawyer, Doctor, Cazibe’s Azerbaijani husband, Roman coupler, Üftade nanny. He is one of Erdogan’s best friends, they call each other kankeyta among themselves, in the last episode he married Tutkunaz.

Hande Katipoğlu (Simge Özkantarcı) is Kemal’s lover and the daughter of the boss of the company where Kemal works. She is quite rich she. She uses Turkish incorrectly because she admires the West, but thinks she is using it correctly. She thinks she’s a trick and cooks all kinds of food on the kettle. She has a dog named Paris. She doesn’t like Cazibe. She has a friend named Tutkunaz. After learning that Kemal and Cazibe are married, she does her best to break them up and make them divorce. She marries Kemal in the last episode.

Ege Kökenli (Itır Roaring) is the daughter of Kemal. She doesn’t like Simge at all and always calls her ‘aunt’. She has a lover named Batuhan. She does not have any difficulty in understanding that Kemal and Cazibe are in love with each other. She got very hot on Cazibe. She calls Cazibe, Sister Cazibe. But she does not like Simge because she wants to spoil the marriage of Cazibe and her father, but when she finds out that Cazibe is a cheater, she allows her to marry Simge and her father.

Sezai Aydın (Hulusi Özkantarcı) is the boss of the company where Kemal works. He is the father of Simge and has no intention of marrying Simge to anyone. He is extremely flirtatious. I hate 3 things in life. his word is famous. He married with Makbule, but Makbule also left Hulusi. She has a son named Şeref from Makbule and she married Makbule in the last episode.

Serhan Arslan (Erdogan Yürür) is the next-door neighbor of Kemal and Cazibe. Kemal does not like him because he loves Cazibe. He usually calls Kemal Ke-mal brother and cabrio Kemal and composes songs on it. Erdogan is also flirtatious like Barış, in love with Tutkunaz and Itır. Kemal calls himself the Hobbit. Each department has different part-time jobs.

Erdal Türkmen (Ziverbey Ağaoğlu) is the son of Hulusi Bey’s kirves and the company’s finance manager. He doesn’t like Kemal. He tries to obtain the Simge. He flaunts because he’s a university graduate, but he’s not smart at all. Ahkikoko is famous for its smile and dance. He is a roommate with Erdogan. He married Makbule.

Belma Canciğer (Makbule Geçer Özkantarcı) is the upper neighbor of Cazibe. It is the trouble partner of Cazibe. He is an associate. Her unfair husband hates Kinyas and calls all the men Kinyas and beat them with a violin bow. She knew that Kemal and Cazibe loved each other even when their marriage was a formality. Kemal is a good Enthusiasm for him. She has a son named Şeref. She married Ziverbey. In the last episode, she divorced Ziverbey and married Hulusi.

İnci Pars (Tutkunaz Bunenaz Apaydın) is the socialite friend of Simge. She is very pure. It is not empty against Erdoğan. He married Barış in the last episode.

Bekir Aksoy (Gökşen Dikici) is a pilot. It is the opposite neighbor of temptations. He always ends his words as ovary. She is Simge’s ex-lover. That’s why he thinks Cazibe is a servant. Flirtatious. He tries to get attraction. He has a son named Gökberk.

Bilgehan Sezer (Gökberk Dikici) is the son of Gökşen. He tries to obtain Itır. Kemal constantly addresses him in the form of an ovarian son ovary.

Sinan Çalışkanoğlu (Ejder Taşkın) The police who want to prove that Cazibe-Kemal marriage is fake after Peker.

Selda Özbek (Manidar Pekmez) Wife of Peker Pekmez. Although she doesn’t believe that Cazibe and Kemal’s marriage is a lie, she sometimes helps him because she loves her husband so much. Loves Cazibe.


The music of the Yahşi Cazibe TV series belongs to Rapozof, a member of Kadıköy Emergency. The song in the generic music of the series was also very popular with the audience, the entertaining lyrics of the song did not fall out of the language for a long time.


The first trailer of the Yahşi Cazibe series was released in July 2011 on the social media accounts of ATV and the series. The first images were greatly appreciated.

First Introduction:


The series Yahşi Cazibe met with the audience on ATV screens on July 16, 2010. The series, which continued for 2 seasons, made its final with the 93rd episode, which was broadcast on June 16, 2012.

You can watch all the episodes of the Yahsi Cazibe series on the official Youtube page.


Behind-the-scenes footage of the series in romantic comedy and sit-com style was also broadcast on the youtube channel from time to time. It is also not unnoticed that the actors spend a lot of fun in the behind-the-scenes images.

Yahşi Cazibe behind the scenes special episode


You can watch some of the unforgettable scenes of the Yahsi Cazibe series below. You can find all the special scenes of the series in the “Videos” section on the Youtube official page.

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