A pleasing development for those watching the Yasak Elma series!
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25 March 2023 20:44


A pleasing development for those watching the Yasak Elma series!

The Yasak Elma series stands in a completely different place among dozens of TV series on the screen! There is nothing in it! It always keeps the excitement high with developments that will surprise the audience. Moreover, there are so many exaggerated things that it is a production that the audience enjoys as the most absurd comedy and intrigue content of the screen.

The series has undergone a great transformation since the first day it started! It came up with a completely different story, sometimes it was criticized a lot, sometimes it was put to the ball due to logic errors and situations contrary to the flow of life, it was said that “this is ridiculous”, but it has been on the screen for 6 seasons.

Eda Ece and Şevval Sam, as Yıldız and Ender, the two prominent characters of the series, provide pleasant moments to the audience every week with their almost caricatured roles. From Aysel to Emir, from Kumru to Caner, each character in the series has absurd moments in their own way in each episode!

In the series, no one is looking for logic anymore, and they don’t make sentences like ‘it’s not possible in real life!’! It brings fun moments to the audience with the most absurd events on the highest pitch, as if to stone the TV series with the name ‘comedy’, and surprises them and takes them out of the Monday syndrome!

It was thought that the Yasak Elma series would end in the 4th season. Şevval Sam also gave information about this in his interviews. However, due to the insistence of the audience, the series is still on the screen with the joint decision of Med Production and the actors.

‘Will there be a 6th season?’ The audience is already waiting for the answer to the question with excitement, but in fact, the trend reveals everything! With its 5th season, Yasak Elma still manages to be the most watched TV series on Monday evenings, even though the ratings drop from time to time!

The fact that it took the first place in the rating list with the episode that came to the screen last week is seen as a big step towards the continuation of the series in the 6th season! In contrast to the Üç Kuruş and Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu TV series, Yasak Elma is on the screen as a phenomenon production of Monday evenings. No one expects such a success story to end at the end of the season!

It would not be wrong to say that the rise in the ratings will almost guarantee that the series will continue in the 6th season!

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