A series like no other in Turkey! The great pride of the actors of the Al Sancak series
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29 March 2023 16:09


A series like no other in Turkey! The great pride of the actors of the Al Sancak series

The actors of the new TV series project called Al Sancak, which is broadcast on TRT1 screens on Thursday evenings, are very satisfied with where they are. In the story of the series, there is an understanding that reveals the power and might of the Turkish Armed Forces. This brings out the national feelings of the actors and makes them proud of their work.

Expressing that he sees the TRT1 series called Al Sancak as a unique production, Murat İnce takes place in the story of the series with the character of Mustafa İnal. For the young actor Murat İnce, this series means a lot. As a name who has just started his career, the meaning of the Al Sancak series is very different for Murat İnce.

The actor used the following statements in his statement: “It is a unique project in Turkey. It will be a series that tells the Turkish Armed Forces in the most comprehensive way.”

Murat İnce, who we are watching as Infantry Petty Officer Sergeant Major Mustafa İnal in the series, went to shoot on the set after a training period of about 3 months.

Mentioning that being involved in such an important project made him feel incredible, the actor expressed his feelings with the following words:

“Our teachers are retired SAT Commandos, and many of our commanders from the Turkish Armed Forces support us. We empathize with them. We try to represent everyone in the best possible way, which gives us tremendous pride. I was a training sergeant in my military service, but I’m experiencing things I’ve never done before.”

At the same time, İnce stated that everyone in the team embraced this job and added that the staff was also great and that he would never forget the Pençe Team.

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