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5 July 2022 13:21


A surprise series of Show TV has appeared, apart from Aziz and Üç Kuruş!

Show TV, which has managed to keep the audience on the screen with effective series in the past seasons, has made all its old productions final as of June. The elections of the channel management, which started a new era, did not give good results for now.

After the series Cam Tavanlar and Kahraman Babam, the production of İçimizden Biri completed his screen life. At the moment, the only serial of Show TV that is still broadcasting remains Yalancı… The ratings of this series are unfortunately not going well either…

Show TV, which has great hopes for the lead role of Burçin Terzioğlu and Salih Bademci, could have returned from this production empty-handed if a good audience in the AB group did not support the production. For now, Yalancı continues because it attracts the attention of its AB audience.

Aziz and Üç Kuruş series, prepared by Show TV for the new season and attracting great attention with their trailers, will soon take their place on the screen. No release date has been announced for either series yet. However, there is an expectation that these two series will start soon.

It turned out that Show TV has a new series for the new season. Ahmet Katıksız, who was the director of the production called Alev Alev last season, is now working on a new series.

Ahmet Katıksız, who is also the director of TV series such as Kara Para Aşk and Aşk 101, started the preparations for the TV series “Oğlum” for this season. Oğlum, a project of Ay Yapım company, has a very ambitious story. It is among the information that the series has started the casting and will meet the audience on Show TV.

There are no other details about the project, which will tell the story of the two children.

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