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5 July 2022 14:32


A very important change has been made in Yasak Elma series!

Yasak Elma series, which is preparing to meet with the audience on the Fox TV screen, has left behind a successful four seasons… Eda Ece and Şevval Sam take the lead roles in the series… After Nesrin Cavadzade left at the end of last season, new names joined the cast.

Also from the series; Erdal Özyağcılar, Barış Kılıç, Gülenay Kalkan and Şafak Pekdemir also left… However, important changes await the audience in the new season. Biran Damla Yılmaz, Murat Aygen, Ece Dizdar and Yasmin Erbil will give life to the new characters of the new season.

With the 111th episode, a significant change was made in the director’s group of the series, which will be broadcast again on Monday, 13 September. Neslihan Yeşilyurt directed the series for the first 3 seasons. Then Murat Öztürk completed the fourth season. However, Murat Öztürk started the series Aşk Mantık İntikam in the summer and achieved very good results in this production.

Medyapım did not want to separate Murat Öztürk from the romantic comedy series and it was decided that another name would sit in the director’s chair. Ece Erdek Koçoğlu, who directed the Baraj series last season, will take part as a director in the fifth season of Yasak Elma series.

Biran Damla Yılmaz and Ece Erdek Koçoğlu draw attention as the two names transferred to the series from the Baraj.

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