A very nice New Year surprise from Demet Evgar to her fans!
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5 October 2022 18:22


A very nice New Year surprise from Demet Evgar to her fans!

Demet Evgar, who took the lead role in the TV series Alev Alev last season, rehearsed the song with her friends. The actress said, “Our singing events. I was always looking for an excuse. I enjoy it very much and I will continue.”

Demet Evgar announced for the first time that she was determined to release an album. The actress stated that her duet with Can Bonomo was also an excuse to turn to music.

Explaining that her friends encouraged her to sing, the actress stated that going on stage and singing is less dangerous than theater in a pandemic environment.

Demet Evgar made her first surprise for the year 2022 to the fans of the actress, who said, “A new individual album will come.”

Stating that 2021 passed quickly for her and she did not understand how it passed, the actress said that she was always confused about time.

Stating that even a week later is a long term for her, the actress added that she does not make long-term plans. The actress pleased her fans by publishing a video of her singing on her Instagram account.

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