Series News Even tragedy turns into a situation comedy in the Bahar series and Demet Evgar loves it!

Even tragedy turns into a situation comedy in the Bahar series and Demet Evgar loves it!


Famous actress Demet Evgar impresses with her successful performance in the Show TV series named Bahar. The actress, who is almost integrated with the character of Bahar, thinks that the reason why the project is so successful is that everyone finds a piece of their life in the series.

Underlining that the character of Bahar is a familiar person, Demet Evgar said, “We all know very well that self-sacrificing woman who left everything behind for her family.” These words of the actress are actually one of the main reasons why the Bahar series achieved double-digit high ratings.

So, did the Bahar series deeply affect Demet Evgar? Many viewers were faced with the reality of Demet Evgar identified with the Bahar character they saw on the screen.

This enabled the audience to believe and connect to the story. It is a very important mission for Demet Evgar to portray such a character.

The famous actress says; “I followed that familiar feeling that came to me when I first looked into Bahar’s eyes. Isn’t she and her world familiar to all of us, not just baan? “She devoted herself completely to her family, and although she broke into pieces like a glass vase falling to the ground, she still did not turn himself into ‘glue’ when it came to her family and did not lose the whole vase appearance.”

Stating that she watched the first two episodes of the original format when the project first came to her, Demet Evgar read the script later.

In her statement in Episode magazine, the actress was very impressed by the way in the TV series Bahar that she turned even the tragic scenes that many viewers loved the most into a sitcom.

Demet Evgar says; “The notion that I liked most was that it had a strong humorous side. “Being able to turn a situation comedy out of tragedy is so valuable and a part of daily life that we see this a lot in the Bahar series.”