Artists News Ecem Özkaya gave details about why the Bahar series was so good for female viewers!

Ecem Özkaya gave details about why the Bahar series was so good for female viewers!


Famous actress Ecem Özkaya is one of the well-known names of the Turkish TV series world and well-known for her talents. Ecem Özkaya, who previously had very successful works in the TV series Gönül Dağı, managed to conquer the hearts of a wide audience with the character of Zahide she portrayed.

The famous actress played the role of a self-sacrificing woman who tries to survive despite experiencing difficulties in life in the TV series Gönül Dağı.

The famous actress plays the character of Rengin in her new series Bahar. Although the relationship between Rengin, a doctor, and a married colleague is considered strange by the audience, when you look at the inner world of the characters, you can see that nothing is as clear-cut as black or white.

Ecem Özkaya also underlined through the character of Rengin that there is no such thing as pure good and pure evil in the world.

The famous actress said, “Staying closest to reality has become our common language, and this reality must be justified. A world where there is pure good and pure evil is not possible. I think it was this greyness that made this so watchable. “All of our characters appeared before the audience when their breaking points began,” she said.

Ecem Özkaya stated that she might have a little trouble being friends with Rengin in real life and that she could not know this, and also stated that she could give him a space without judging him and remain friends in that way.

So, what are the reasons behind the Bahar series achieving double-digit ratings and becoming the most successful series of 2024?

Ecem Özkaya explained the reasons behind this success and why the story felt so good for female audiences with the following words:

“Bahar has always come with its miracles, and it has done so all my life. It’s like a calendar of re-awakening, moving forward with your own version of healing, and growth. It’s like the birthday of the entire universe. Our Bahar is the same, it reflected everything that all women grow inside of them like a mirror. “How happy we are.”