Series News In the 31st new episode of the Yabani TV series, Rüya is silent, Yaman is suspicious!

In the 31st new episode of the Yabani TV series, Rüya is silent, Yaman is suspicious!


The TV series Yabani will witness great excitement with its 31st new episode. The Yabani series, starring Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas, aired on Tuesday evenings on the Now television channel, will once again impress a wide audience with its new episode.

Yabani series, which started the 2023-2024 season very well and is one of the best debut TV series of this period, draws attention with the loss of ratings towards the end of the season.

Although one of the most important reasons for these losses is the problems in the excitement and curiosity part of the story, the very good debut of the rival series Bahar also seems to have had a bad effect on the Yabani series.

Important events will take place in the 31st new episode of the Yabani TV series. Here are all the details: When it turns out that Serhan lured Neslihan into the marriage trap, Güven loses control. Just as Yaman is about to reveal Serhan’s whole deception because of what Melek will tell him, Güven’s uncontrolled outburst gives Serhan a much-needed trump card.

Even though the price is high, Serhan will use this new trump card to the fullest. Because Şebnem’s dirty secrets are starting to come out like a torn sock, and Serhan is willing to do anything to save himself from this trouble. But it can’t stop just one thing. Let your children learn everything!

Rüya is willing to remain silent for a while only for the sake of her brother who will be born. Yaman is now sure that she is hiding something, but he cannot figure out what. When Alaz and Çağla share Rüya’s secret, things get complicated.

Once again, Alaz rebels against the fate to which his father has led him. Being a man like Serhan means betraying those closest to you again and again and harming those you love most. Alaz does not know how to carry this heavy legacy that his father has placed on his shoulders. The fear that he will harm Asi one day makes Alaz take some steps he does not want.

Yaman, who is now confused about who to trust, begins to take Elif’s warnings seriously. But Elif’s effort to reveal all the lies told to Yaman is about to result in someone getting seriously hurt.