Series News I wish the day change of the TV series Yabani had been made earlier!

I wish the day change of the TV series Yabani had been made earlier!


Although the Yabani series broadcast on the Now television channel had a good start and achieved very good ratings, everyone was surprised by its rapid meltdown in the face of the power of the Show TV series called Bahar.

At a point where the series starring Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas had fallen below the average and was now completely out of favor, Now television channel officials took advantage of the gap created on Saturday evening and changed the day of the Yabani series.

It was noteworthy that the production, which could no longer increase its ratings against the Bahar series on Tuesday evenings and was in a continuous decline, experienced an increase in the AB and ABC1 groups on its new day.

Especially with a very serious increase in the AB group, a positive sign was received that the story could still attract interest.

While the loss of viewers continues in the all-person category, it is understood from these results that the Yabani TV series may have a higher chance of surviving if the day was changed earlier.

The ratings that the series will achieve in the coming weeks will also be considered as important data for the continuation of the project.