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22 May 2022 09:54


A very pleasant surprise for Canan Ergüder on the set of the TV series Oğlum

The famous actress Canan Ergüder, who returned to the sets with the TV series Oğlum (My Son) after her breast cancer treatment, experienced a first on the set of the series.

Canan Ergüder, who has a son named Demir from her husband Kenan Ece, who is also an actress, took her son to the set of the series for the first time on May 8, which is also Mother’s Day.

Sharing these special moments with her fans on social media, Canan Ergüder posed with her son in the trailer and under the photo; “I am glad that there was a first on this special day and my son came to the set with me. It was the best gift I’ve ever received. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who approaches a living creature with a sense of motherhood.

The actress’s son Demir also had the chance to watch his mother while filming. Canan Ergüder’s fans made hundreds of comments on the photos in a short time. Little Demir’s resemblance to his mother did not go unnoticed.

The actress, who learned that she had cancer while playing in Star TV’s Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager), had to leave the series. After her treatment with Canan Ergüder, she returned to the screens with the TV series “Oğlum”.

In an interview she gave in the past months, the actress said that her heart tightened when she received the news of cancer, “First of all, my child came to mind. “I thought I didn’t want to die,” she said.

Canan Ergüder also stated that she wrote notes to her son Demir because she wanted him to have something about her in the future.

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