Series News In the Aile series, Canan Ergüder’s Leyla opened late but caught the audience’s heart!

In the Aile series, Canan Ergüder’s Leyla opened late but caught the audience’s heart!


Aile (Family) series, the Show TV series, completed the first season with its 13th episode. Very influential names came together in the lead roles of the series. While the harmony of Serenay Sarıkaya and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ duo was highly appreciated, experienced names in other roles also gave remarkable performances. One of these names was Canan Ergüder, who played the character of Leyla.

Many fans saw the character of Leyla in the background in the first episodes and as a dim role. However, it was a remarkable departure that the character of Leyla gradually increased its weight in the story and left its mark on the last chapters.

In fact, it was revealed at the end of the first season how high the social response for the character was to the fans of the series, who questioned why Canan Ergüder accepted this role.

With her identity as a woman whose own wishes have always been ignored by her family and where others decide how to live her life, Leyla sets an example for millions of women in society who experience similar situations. In fact, Leyla Soykan’s character also explains that the income level of families is not important in the pressure to shape their daughters’ lives.

Canan Ergüder is also a woman who could not marry the person she fell in love with, tasted the pain of his death, married the person her mother wanted and had a child, but was not happy. Her portrayal of a female character with such a high social value is actually enough to explain why Canan Ergüder accepted such a role.

The actress also expressed a similar thought in her interview and said that the development of the character of Leyla affected her a lot.

Explaining that they had a very good season in the Aile series and that she was very happy, Canan Ergüder told the following at the farewell dinner for the season, where she met with her teammates:

“I feel excited. We feel good for the next season. It was a pretty good season. I think I’m in for an amazing job. I’m with great people. What more could one ask for…”

Stating that there are scenes in the story of the series that she cannot forget, the actress added that she is pleased that the character has developed well.