Series News After the TV series Aile, Yüsra Geyik is taking new steps in her career!

After the TV series Aile, Yüsra Geyik is taking new steps in her career!


The TV series project named Aile (Family) lasted for its 30th episode and impressed a very wide audience. Yüsra Geyik, who played the character of Yağmur in the story of the series, surprised everyone by appearing before her fans with a very different female character.

Yüsra Geyik, who accumulated great experience with the character Zeliş in the TV series Arka Sokaklar (Back Streets) for 15 seasons, showed herself with different productions after leaving this project.

Yüsra Geyik, who took part in the digital series Bozkır as well as the TV series Camdaki Kız and appeared on the screen with small roles in some projects, has now found a new series project for herself.

Yüsra Geyik, who later joined the cast of the new series called Taş Kağıt Makas (Stone Paper Scissors), which is broadcast on Kanal D on Wednesday evenings, meets her fans on the screen again.

Although the ratings are not very good yet, the TV series called Taş Kağıt Makas seems to be one of the ambitious projects of 2024. Notable names such as Ekin Koç, Serra Arıtürk, Ozan Güven, Hande Ataizi and Burak Yörük appear in this series.

Yüsra Geyik, who will appear before the audience in the series project called Taş Kağıt Makas with the character Rüya, starting from the 4th episode, will add strength to the story.

Let’s see if Yüsra Geyik, who we will watch as the sister of the character Fecir played by Burak Yörük, can surprise her fans with a different character this time.