Artists News Ekin Koç, Umut of the TV series Taş Kağıt Makas, did not hesitate to take risks!

Ekin Koç, Umut of the TV series Taş Kağıt Makas, did not hesitate to take risks!


Young actress Ekin Koç, who has been at a bright spot both in cinema and on the screen in her career, which started with mainstream TV series and continued in two branches with multi-award-winning films of festivals, was the guest of Asu Maro in the April 2024 issue of Milliyet Sanat for the Interview of the Month.

Koç, who nowadays meets the audience as the lawyer Umut in the TV series “Taş Kağıt Makas”, says that he had a very idealistic attitude when he first started acting: “I had to reject many things, take risks, and tried to avoid repeating myself,” he says and adds:

“I know it will happen at some point, by the way. A actor’s range can be wide to some extent. Just as when we see Robert De Niro, his gestures and facial expressions do not seem so foreign to us anymore, the same will be true for me in every character he plays. “The more I can expand the range in that period and the more I can do the work I will leave for tomorrow, the better.”

You can find the entire interview in the April 2024 issue of Milliyet Sanat.

Ekin Koç, who has gained a solid place in the world of cinema and TV series in 11 years and which we last watched in Emin Alper’s “Kurak Günler”, is now a lawyer in Kanal D’s new series “Taş Kağıt Makas” to take revenge for his father’s unfair punishment. He plays Umut, who has a rare “inability to forget” disease.

“Expectation produces disappointment”

Speaking about hope and optimism through her character in the series, Ekin Koç explains his approach on this subject: “My logic works like this: Expectation produces disappointment. “The less you expect, the less you may be stealing from your happiness, but you can also prevent major devastation to some extent,” he explains.

“Kurak Günler movie didn’t change much in my life”

Stating that the movie “Kurak Günler” directed by Emin Alper did not make much of a difference in his life, Koç explained the reason for this by saying, “The role I play is a very occasional role. It’s not a role that everyone would like. A character who wanders in gray areas and floats a little in the air. It is still unclear whether it is good or bad. This did not create a good perception in everyone. Some liked the performance very much, while others preferred to remain silent. Therefore, I took part in a successful film and worked with Emin Abi, I am happy in that respect, but I do not know how much it affected my career and how many doors it opened for me,” he explains.

The young actor states that he received much more positive feedback in terms of performance in the movie “School Shaving”, but none of them made a big breakthrough.

“I need to age well”

Ekin Koç, who is also interested in music and is also a keen chess actor, also explains that she eats well and does sports to take care of himself. “I also try to take care of my skin,” the young actor added, “I always think of it as a long-term investment. I want to be able to act when I am 40 or 50, and I need to age well. That’s why you know what to do. “You will take good care of your skin, you will take care of your organs, you will pay attention to your psychology,” he says.