Series News An important fact was revealed in the Bahar series! Rengin and Timur were captured!

An important fact was revealed in the Bahar series! Rengin and Timur were captured!


The 9th episode of the Bahar series, which airs on Show TV on Tuesday evenings, is behind us. Important events took place in this episode of the series.

While Timur and Rengin were hugging in the hospital room, Aziz Uras entered the room and learned about his father’s secret relationship. Bahar, on the other hand, confronted Rengin about why she apologized to her while going into surgery, but she did not find the answers she received from Rengin sincere and continued to be suspicious.

Aziz Uras went to his mother to tell her what he saw, but when Bahar suddenly had a nosebleed, he chose to remain silent. Aziz Uras and Evren, who were worried about Bahar’s illness recurring, took close care of Bahar. Evren, who wanted to keep Bahar away from stress, also warned Çağla about this and asked her to clear Bahar of her doubts.

Rengin, who was caught by Aziz Uras and was quickly discharged from the hospital, confronted Parla. But when Parla did not back down, Rengin pressured Timur to tell the truth to Bahar. Timur, who was cornered in every aspect, finally decided to talk to Bahar, but when he learned from Aziz Uras that Bahar’s test results were bad, he gave up revealing his relationship with Rengin.

Both Timur and Bahar were shocked when Reha announced Rengin’s decision to move to America at the department meeting. This sudden decision further increased Bahar’s doubts. Hearing the news, Timur called Rengin, who decided to start a new life for herself, and wanted to go out to dinner together to connect with Parla. Parla, who wanted everyone to know everything from now on, informed Umay and Umay caught Timur and Rengin holding hands at dinner. Timur panicked and asked for help from Aziz Uras, and Aziz Uras talked to his brother Umay and explained why they should keep this secret.

After Rengin’s challenge, Timur wrote a watch for Bahar so that she would not come to the Peran Foundation Donation Night, but with the support of Çağla and Seren, Bahar found someone else to replace her and they all prepared for the night together. Bahar left its mark on the night with both its energy and beauty. Bahar and Evren, who made a plan to bring together Aziz Uras and Seren, who had cold winds blowing between them, invited the two to dance and they changed partners and danced together. Timur, who witnessed these moments and listened to Doruk’s serenade to Bahar, became enraged with jealousy.

Bahar’s song and her joy that fascinated everyone greatly impressed both Timur and Evren. Realizing that he had come to the end of the road when he saw Rengin stepping into the night, Timur threw himself on the stage. Apologizing to Bahar in the presence of those who attended the night and revealing the fact that he was Bahar’s wife, Timur said, “Bahar Yavuzoğlu, please forgive me! “You are the love of my life…” he kissed Bahar in front of everyone!

Bahar series will remind you that it is possible to start over despite everything. Every Tuesday at 20.00 on Show TV!