Artists News A very smart strategy from Demet Özdemir at the peak of her career!

A very smart strategy from Demet Özdemir at the peak of her career!


The famous actress Demet Özdemir has been in the TV series market for many years and is dragging her millions of fans with her. Not only in our country, but also abroad, there is a great admiration for the famous actress. As a result of this, every job and every step taken by Demet Özdemir is carefully followed.

Nowadays, both the famous actor who plays the leading role in the TV series “Adım Farah” (My Name is Farah) and continues to take part in advertising and promotional activities.

Adopting a strategy that thinks about working and producing actively, the actress makes very realistic decisions about extending the state of being at the top of her career over a long period of time.

Demet Özdemir aims to work and produce, not vacation and rest. Demet Özdemir, who tells that she works every day for the preparations for the next day, does not have the thought of resting at this time.

The famous actress, on the question about how her life is going, said: “I don’t have much time. I go home and sleep. I cannot do anything different. I always have to organize the next day’s work. Well, I love my job very much. I love being efficient.”

Demet Özdemir, explaining that she did not have a planned life in such busy periods and that she was able to realize that she was hungry later, said, “We will definitely have a holiday, it is not very possible to live in a planned way in this process. I even realize that I am hungry much later. That’s why I can’t even plan this, I can’t plan anything,” she said, explaining how much of an agenda she actually has.

Demet Özdemir, explaining that she did not criticize anyone on this issue and that what needs to be done as a necessity of humanity was done when asked about the aid to the earthquake region, added that there should be no appreciation or criticism in such cases.