After Anıl Altan, 2 more actors are coming to the Aşk Mantık İntikam series!
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29 November 2022 21:09


After Anıl Altan, 2 more actors are coming to the Aşk Mantık İntikam series!

In the new year, new efforts for change emerged in the TV series Aşk Mantık İntikam, which had a great success with Fox TV’s ability to continue on the screen since the beginning of summer.

After the new decisions, the duo of Burcu Özberk and İlhan Şen will stand out more in the story. The stories of the characters Çınar and Çağla, which are also demanded by the audience, are now ending in the series… Burak Yörük and Melisa Döngel will also say goodbye.

In the new period of the series, two new actors will take their place in the story. According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, Sebahat Kumaş and Elçin Atamgüç join the series. Anıl Altan was the last name to join the cast of the series. Returning to the sets after a 4-year hiatus, Anıl Altan took his place in the story with the character of Ayaz.

Now, after the character of Ayaz, it has been decided to add 2 new characters to the series. Sebahat Kumaş will take her place as the assistant of the Ozan character, while Elçin Atamgüç will take her place on the screen as the mother of the new character.

It is among the details reflected from the set that the characters of Ozan and Esra will be reunited, where a radical change will be made in the story of the Aşk Mantık İntikam series.

Fans of the series have been complaining about this for a long time. Those who wanted Esra and Ozan to be together in the story showed their discomfort from Çınar and Çağla in their social media comments.

After these decisions, which are supposed to be taken for the continuation of the series, issues such as where the series will go, how the ratings will come and whether the audience will be satisfied will come to the fore.

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