Series News After Babel, Birce Akalay’s route has been revealed!

After Babel, Birce Akalay’s route has been revealed!

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Famous actress Birce Akalay gave life to the character of İlay in the Babel series, which made the final with its 20th episode on Star TV screen. The famous actress turned her route to Bodrum due to both the pandemic period and the set fatigue. After the series finale, the actress went to Bodrum and decided to rest, and returned to Istanbul.

The actress, who was shown in Etiler, was very enjoyable and said, “I just returned from Bodrum, the series has just made a final and I’m resting a little bit.” Speaking with questions about his private life, the actor did not want to answer when asked about the separation allegations about Fasih Saylan, with whom she had a love.

It is known that Akalay, who stated that she did not talk about her private life, was also cold about marriage. Akalay, who gave negative answers to questions about marriage in her previous interviews, is now quite tired of such questions.

As you may remember, the famous actress married Sarp Levendoğlu in 2014, with whom she acted together on the set of the series. This was Akalay’s second marriage. The couple’s relationship also lasted 3 years and they divorced in 2017.