Series News A strange marriage proposal that shook the Call My Agency!

A strange marriage proposal that shook the Call My Agency!

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A new introduction from the 21st episode of Ay Yapım’s series, ‘Call My Agency’, which has been on the screens on Star TV, has met with the audience. A new one is added to the fun episodes of Call My Agency, one of the popular TV series on Sunday evenings. The series, which attracts attention with its strong cast and different story, has experienced a slight increase in its ratings in the last episode. It is also very curious how the new section will bring results.

In the presentation, the relationship between Serkan (Serhat Teoman) and Feris (Canan Ergüder) and the question Serkan asked about marriage to Feris drew attention, while Barış (Deniz Can Aktaş) excuses his accident to spend time with Dicle (Ahsen Eroğlu). ‘Dicle cannot hide her admiration for Tamer Levent in the new episode of Call My Agency, which will come to the screens on Sunday and host the master actress Tamer Levent.

While Beren (Yaprak Medine) is melting the ice between her father, Kıraç’s (Barış Falay) taking an anonymous note about Serkan is increasing her suspicions about Serkan. Barış, who was shot in the arm as a result of the unfortunate accident that happened to him on the set of the TV series, is looking for the opportunity to be alone with Dicle by using his accident as an excuse. While Dicle soon realizes that Barış is pretending, the fun and romantic moments of the duo mark the new episode of “Call My Agency”.

On the other hand, Feris, who wants to distance herself from Serkan, agrees to go out to dinner with him despite her harsh attitude so far. Serkan’s asking Feris what she would answer if he proposes to her, gives Feris a great shock and doubles the excitement of the new episode.

‘Call My Agency’, formed by Barış Falay, Canan Ergüder, Fatih Artman, Serhat Teoman, Ahsen Eroğlu, Deniz Can Aktaş and Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu, is on Star TV screens every Sunday evening at 20:00!