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Who is Ahsen Eroğlu? Height – Age – Series – Family

Ahsen Eroğlu was born on October 27, 1994 in Çorlu. Turkish TV series and movie actress.

Name: Ahsen Eroğlu
Date of Birth: October 27, 1994
Place of Birth: Çorlu
Height: 1.65 m.
Weight: 49 kg
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Eye color brown
Pets: She has a cat

Family: Her family lives abroad. Her parents support her in every respect and have good relationships. ‘I talk to my father almost 25 times a day. My family relationships have always been tight and reassuring. As long as I can remember, all my family members have always been busy with something, and this diligence brings a discipline in itself. I think I got this discipline first of all from my family. Especially my mother has always been an example for me in this regard. Since I am used to this order, I see every job myself and always fulfill my responsibilities. Luckily, this discipline has made me a little more prepared for the acting profession. Because acting requires a serious discipline, as in every branch of art. ”

Childhood years: She was a cheerful kid; When he was 10-12 years old, whenever she caught the crowd at home, she was distributing seat numbers to everyone and performing small shows. “Unlike the roles I play I am more prone to comedy, I like to make my audience laugh. After a while, I started playing with my gestures in front of the mirror. Thus, something new was added to what I wanted to do. While studying in Izmir, I made observations on the movie sets to find out what kind of profession acting is. I often watched plays, read books on acting. I attended acting training at home and abroad. I progressed by improving myself and without rushing, I am moving forward. ”

Education life: She graduated from Ege University Physical Education Sports High School. She also studied acting under the umbrella of Sahne 3MOTA.

The turning point of her life: Thanks to Ege University TV, she took his first step into the media sector and being in the kitchen of the business helped her ideas about acting develop. “I avoided being in front of the camera until I realized whether I was really talented or not. After a few commercials, my first serious acting experience came. Another series followed. My acting adventure continues with the projects I enjoy being in. ”

First step into acting: She started her television adventure with the TV series ‘Bir Modern Kabil Habil Hikayesi’ in 2015.

With which project did he shine? He drew attention with the character of “Kumru Cebeci” in the “Kuzgun” TV series.

Mindset: She feels like a mature young woman who has gained a little more experience but has never lost her excitement. “I do my best to advance in my profession and passions without losing this young woman.”

Admires: The Turkish actors she likes the most, Fikret Kuşkan and Zerrin Tekindor. “Fikret Kuşkan is one of the actors that I wonder what will come out of his mouth while watching. Zerrin Tekindor is one of my idols. I guess there is no one abroad who does not say Meryl Streep and I agree with that trend. ”

Her view of life: Fame didn’t change her life. “Both my 12-year volleyball career and my academic background have always had success and related popularity. Being successful and the popularity it brought didn’t change me then, and now. So I am just the way I am. I prefer to be respected and charming rather than cute and beautiful. No matter what I do, there is a production that does not stop until it reaches the best. The only thing that changes after starting acting is to glance at people while walking down the street or to chat if there is time. ”

Her view of business life: She thinks that acting always brings innovation, vitality and sparkle to her life. “My job makes people vigorous and healthy. The indispensable but difficult part is that after a while you break away from pleasure, observing in every environment you enter; Looking for inspiration in every game, movie or TV show you watch can make it impossible to enjoy. In a way, the activities people do to distract are part of our profession. ”

Career plan: She is interested in playing characters on the edge of insanity. She wants to be present on the theater stage in the future. “Theater is my biggest desire and at the same time my biggest fear. I want to do it at the first opportunity. We are preparing for theater projects with Ümit Çırak. The theater scene is where my energy is waiting to explode. ”

Does she remember her first audition? “We are doing a job where we need to make quick decisions. When it comes to character analysis and audition text, it is necessary to analyze it immediately and enter that role. I worked non-stop for a day for the morning audition. We shot it in the middle of the night with my manager. I was asked to cry in Hunhar. We went on the tape and I focused with all my might and cried. I don’t remember after leaving. ”

What’s the funniest mistake he’s ever made on set? “The whole team is ready and on record. I started to walk. One step away from my partner, I fell on the ground. Nobody said ‘we cut’. I continued to play the game on the ground. We recorded the scene. My co-star played it with great seriousness. I later realized why they didn’t cut it. I was out of the frame from the beginning. ”

Hobby: She has been drawing since the age of four. The area she feels closest to after acting is painting. “I am interested in many branches of art. Especially my passion for painting is very important. My style is evolving every minute. Recently, I have been following topics such as technology and artificial intelligence, especially when I am very curious about where the art of painting could evolve in the future. For this reason, I started to deal with painters living and producing today. 90% of the time I spend on social media is spent exploring art accounts, new paintings and techniques. Each piece I examine improves my eye a little more and shapes my future style a little more even though it has not yet settled. Although I miss drawing on paper or canvas since I cannot find it at home, I mostly produce digital drawings on tablets. Feet and hands, limbs reflecting moods, deformed bodies, contradictory colors and works close to Matisse’s style pass between my fingers these days. ”

Dream of the Future: In addition to the goal of continuous improvement in the field of acting, one of her closest goals is to open an exhibition of the works she has produced and to prepare a good portfolio and to do a master’s degree on painting at the Royal Art Academy if she can. “I would like to be remembered as an actress who also saw the space age and kept up with it. I am very curious about what awaits us in the future. I am closely interested in the environmental problems of the world. I want to be an educator. I have a dream to open a school that combines arts, sports, science and environmentalism. ”

Concerns: She is closely related to and very sensitive to environmental problems. “I can’t imagine any human being born and raised in our age to ignore environmental problems. First of all, I almost completely eliminated the use of plastic from my life. I keep track of all the activities of organizations like WWF and I often choose the clothes I buy from recyclable materials. I do not waste food waste, I plant it on the soil of my potted flowers as much as I can. I am trying to adopt a life that is not in favor of waste and at least I want everyone to be aware of the news on this subject. ”
How does he keep his shape? Sport is an integral part of your life. He played professional volleyball for a long time. “As my passion in life increased, I had to unwittingly break away from the world of volleyball over time. However, sports have never been out of my life, it is a lifestyle for me and an area that I have been dealing with since my childhood. I participated in 5K and 15K running races for about two years. No matter what time I came back from the set, I did not go to bed without completing my routine movements. Even if I work with a very intense tempo, I try to spend every free moment by moving, I mostly do pilates at home. ”

Who does she admire? She has great admiration for Audrey Hepburn with her inspiration and naturalness to her time. She is also one of the biggest fans of Michael Jackson, especially with her disciplined creativity.

What does she do at home? She loves spending time with her cat Maggie, whom she adopts when she is at home. “Maggie has bloomed like a flower in my life. And my home is like a botanical garden, I am smiling when I spend time with plants. I planted potatoes, collected them all, tiny, tiny. I have tomatoes in pots now, waiting for them to mature. ”

Which series does she follow? ‘The Handmaid’ s Tale ‘,’ Sense8 ‘,’ The Crown ‘and’ Rick and Morty ‘are some of the series she has followed.


2020- Call My Agency / Dicle

2019 -Kuzgun / Kumru Cebeci

2018 -Bride Of Istanbul / Yaz

2017-For My Girls / Suna

2016/2017-Mother / Duru Güneş

2016 – Magnificent Century: Kösem / Meleki Hatun

2015 – Bir Modern Kabil Habil Hikayesi / Zehra


2018- Titanyum/ Friend (Short Film)

2018- Zomerbroeders / Burcu (TV Film)

2019- Aylin/ Aylin (Short Film)

2020- Sardunya/ Gizem

2020- Last Hours of Eve / 27 (Short Film)

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