After Fahriye Evcen in the Alparslan series, the whole burden fell on Barış Arduç's shoulders
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29 September 2022 07:53


After Fahriye Evcen in the Alparslan series, the whole burden fell on Barış Arduç’s shoulders

Alparslan Great Seljuk series is starting its second season on TRT1. You will witness a completely different era in the Alparslan series with the new episode that will be broadcast on TRT1 screen on Monday, September 19 at 20:00.

The audience liked the project, which started as the Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu (Awakening Great Seljuk), then changed its name to Alparslan Seljuk as its story progressed backwards and changed almost all the actors. In addition to the success achieved in Turkey, Alpraslan achieved proud successes with the start of broadcasting the series in many countries.

This was a great source of pride for the Alparslan series, which met with the audience in more than 20 countries such as Great Seljuks, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Albania, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Azerbaijan, primarily in the Mena Region.

Akça Hatun will not be featured in the project, which will add excitement to millions of people with its second season on the TRT1 screen. Despite all the insistence, Fahriye Evcen did not want to continue the series, so the story had to be changed. In order to fill the lack of Akça Hatun in the series, Aleyna Kayra Zabcı was included in the story as Seferiye Hatun.

In the Alparslan series, where a brand new era will be experienced with new actors, Barış Arduç will be the name that will shoulder the biggest burden. The famous actor made a big breakthrough for the second time in his career with the Alparslan project.

The trailer, which echoes with the words “Melik Alparslan and Seferiye Hatun, daughter of Arslan Yusuf, has been decreed”, points to the partnership of Barış Arduç and Kayra Zabcı in the new period.

It was a big test for Kayra Zabcı, who had little experience before, but also a great career opportunity. Seferiye Hatun will marry Alparslan as a result of an agreement and she is making a plan to destroy her world. The new season of the series seems to bring along a conflicted love.

With its strong cast, magnificent decor and impressive scenario, the excitement begins in the Alparslan series, which has been talked about since the day it started to be broadcast on TRT 1 screens.

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