Akkız in the Destan series has touched Ebru Şahin's heart so deeply that you can see her trace in her emotional message!
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30 September 2022 00:41


Akkız in the Destan series has touched Ebru Şahin’s heart so deeply that you can see her trace in her emotional message!

Ebru Şahin, who wanted to rest after a series like Hercai that lasted for 3 seasons and affected the whole world, and attracted attention by not accepting the projects that came to her, could not remain indifferent to the offer from the Destan (Epic) series. Since the actress knew that such a role would never come again in her career, she accepted the series about a warrior female character living in the eighth century.

The preparations for the Destan series took a long time. Ebru Şahin also received training on many subjects. In fact, these trainings continued while the series continued and the actress improved himself a lot. The actress, who proved her success in fighting training with her impressive performances on the stages, put a lot of effort into the series of Destan.

However, the life of the series was only one season. Akkız character was in front of the audience for the last time last Thursday. After the Destan series, which made the final with its 28th episode, Ebru Şahin’s love for the Akkız character in the series remained with the training that Ebru Şahin received and where she would use it later.

The Destan series is a production that competes among the best series at the Seoul International Drama Awards, but it was an interesting situation that it was decided to make the final because the story of the second season was not liked.

So how did Ebru Şahin say goodbye to Akkız? The actress, who shared an emotional post on her social media accounts, revealed how much she embraced the character and how she touched Akkız’s heart with the following expressions:

“To be a team, to be a team, to show one’s heart for a single purpose, to support each other in good and bad, to work hard…

There is no way to describe the opportunity to find and work with this beautiful staff, these beautiful people. Thank you for everything I’ve learned and felt, gained and lost.

My fellow actors, the whole team behind the scenes, my dear audience who believed with us and lived with us… Working with you, succeeding with you, and being able to give you Akkız is my greatest reward. May our way lead to happy works and beauties. Forgive us if we are wrong, I’m glad you’re here, I’m glad you were there. Love to you all.

I had a dream; close to reality, far from the past. It tells the tales of ancient lands. It winks at the future, takes it from the past. I had a dream; It tells the hand-to-hand struggle of alpine women and brave men in the Turkish province.

Goodbye, Akkız.”

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