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12 August 2022 12:28


After Fox TV, Eda Ece is now on Kanal D!

Eda Ece, who had a good break with her successful performance in Yasak Elma, is experiencing the best period of her career. The character in the series and the actress’ admiration for her improvisational performance were an important factor in the good times of Yasak Elma.

Eda Ece added a lot to herself during the 4-year period when she developed herself more in acting. The actress, who also established a good friendship on the set, has happy days with her private and business life. It turned out that the actress has a new project in the Yasak Elma series.

The efforts of Medyapım to bring the competition program called The Masked Singer, which won great acclaim in many countries of the world, to Turkey opened a new window of opportunity for Eda Ece.

The program purchased by Kanal D will soon appear in front of the audience under the name of Maske Kimsin Sen. Tansel Öngel will present the program and famous names will take part in the competition by disguising themselves in different costumes every week.

Eda Ece, Alican Yücesoy and Doğu Demirkol will take their places as detectives in the program. A great preparation was made for the new competition program, which has a very interesting concept.

The interesting moments that the detectives will try to find out who is under the masks, the famous names will do to hide themselves, and the “Maske Kimsin Sen” contest will be very interesting.

The audience in the studio, on the other hand, will vote for the person under the mask by looking at their performance, and the celebrity who gets the least votes will open their mask and bid farewell to the competition.

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