Artists News After Hekimoğlu, Ebru Özkan is returning to TV series!

After Hekimoğlu, Ebru Özkan is returning to TV series!

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Ebru Hekimoğlu, who played the character of İpek in the last season’s Hekimoğlu series on Kanal D screens, did a very successful job.

Among the scenarios that came to her, it is stated that the actress, who is interested in the series named Hakim, prepared by Limon Film, came to the signing stage with the producer. According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, both Haluk Bilginer and Hasibe Eren are mentioned for this series…

Ebru Özkan, who managed to become a very good TV series couple with Timuçin Esen in the production called Hekimoğlu, also attracted great attention from her fans… The actress has a large fan base with her success in creating characters and her different beauty…

Yılmaz Şahin writes the story of the TV series Hakim, which is the domestic adaptation of the TV series Your Honner. The struggle of a judge with her son, who is in great trouble, will deeply affect the audience. A meticulous preparation process is being carried out by Limon Film, which is also the producer of Savaşçı series.

An agreement was reached with Soner Caner and Erkan Tunç as the director of the series, where the negotiations with the actors continued.