Artists News After Kerem Bürsin, now Cansu Dere was greeted with enthusiasm in Spain!

After Kerem Bürsin, now Cansu Dere was greeted with enthusiasm in Spain!

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Successful actress Cansu Dere gained a huge fan base abroad, especially after the TV series Anne (Mother). Cansu Dere went to Spain, where she won an award, to attend an award ceremony. The stream was greeted with great enthusiasm by the Spanish fans.

Cansu Dere, who still plays a role in the TV series Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful), which is broadcast on Kanal D, will take part in the Disney Plus project after the series finalizes at the end of the season. Cansu Dere, whose fame went beyond the borders, went to Spain, especially after the TV series Anne and then Sadakatsiz attracted great attention abroad.

Cansu Dere attended the 73rd Fotogramas de Plata award ceremony held in Madrid, the capital of Spain. The most famous names of Spanish cinema such as Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almadovar attended the ceremony organized by Fotogramas, one of the oldest magazines in the country. Cansu Dere was among the honored guests of the ceremony.

Cansu Dere presented her award to Najwa Nimri, who starred in the TV series La Casa De Papel, at the award ceremony. Cansu Dere’s announcement in Spanish while giving the award drove the fans crazy. Cansu Dere was no different from a world star in Spain.

The successful actress is one of the most loved Turkish actors in Spain. About four months ago, Cansu Dere was deemed worthy of the Individual Achievement Award given by the Turkish-Spanish Official Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and the “Best Foreign Language Actress in a Foreign Language TV Series” award at the Produ Awards, which is called the Emmy of Latin America.

The TV series Anne, starring Cansu Dere, attracted great attention abroad, especially in Latin American countries. Even the Turkish version of Anne was adapted for Spain. In addition to Cansu Dere, well-known actors such as Vahide Perçin, Can Nergis, Berkay Ateş, Gonca Vuslateri took part in the TV series Anne, which appeared on the screen for a single season.