After the big separation in the Mahkum series, another innovation takes place!
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7 October 2022 08:21


After the big separation in the Mahkum series, another innovation takes place!

In the 17th episode of the Mahkum (Prisoner) series, the audience was shaken by the separation of Seray Kaya, who played the character of Cemre. Those who questioned why the lead actress said goodbye to the series so early shared both criticism and comments expressing their sadness on social media. While Seray Kaya is leaving the series, a new actress will appear in the story from next week.

Neslihan Arslan, who participated in the Mahkum TV series, shows intense tempo with three different projects! Born in Istanbul in 1986, Neslihan Arslan became a name that exhibited her talents in three different lanes by taking part in both TV series, movies and theater plays.

Among the partners of Neslihan Arslan, who took the stage with the theater play Fanatik; Salih Bademci and Nurhan Özenen are also present. The play, which is staged as a colorful family comedy, attracts great attention. Neslihan Arslan, on the other hand, entered a busy period. Neslihan Arslan, who participated as a guest actress in the series Mahkum broadcast on Fox TV, is also preparing for a feature film.

Mahkum, Fox TV’s best debut this season, left its 17th episode behind. The separation of the character of Cemre, played by Seray Kaya, upset the audience. Talat Bulut, who recently joined the series, adds excitement to the story with the character of Sinyor, and new characters are expected to appear in the series.

One of these characters will be played by Neslihan Arslan. You will be able to watch Neslihan Arslan in the role of the police in the 18th episode of the Mahkum series, which will be broadcast on Thursday, April 21. The actress’s role in the series is expected to last several episodes.

The actress will also be on the set for a new feature film soon. We can say that Neslihan Arslan is in a busy period with her theater, TV series and cinema activities.

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