Burak Deniz is in Disney Plus's first domestic series in another country before Turkey!
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8 February 2023 20:08


Burak Deniz is in Disney Plus’s first domestic series in another country before Turkey!

Famous actor Burak Deniz continues to make a name for himself with the projects he has been involved in lately. Deniz, who received great acclaim with his successful acting, finally came to the screen with the Maraşlı series. Burak Deniz, who created a phenomenon with the character he played in this series, is not falling off the agenda of another country at the moment!

After Maraşlı, the actor was also talked about with the series Şahmaran, in which she played the lead role with Sereneya Sarıkaya. The series has not been released yet, but the second season of the series, which was shot for Netflix, is currently on the agenda. Meanwhile, the movie Gidenler (Departures), which was shot for Netflix with Dilan Çiçek Deniz, is eagerly awaited.

Burak Deniz is currently having a busy day in his professional life. Shutting down between Turkey and Italy, the actor also starred in the serial version of Ferzan Özpetek’s world-famous film Cahil Periler (Ignorant Fairies) a while ago.

Burak Deniz, who played in the last 4 episodes of the series, is already becoming more and more popular in Italy! The Cahil Periler was filmed for Disney Plus. Moreover, it is Italy’s first domestic  series shot for Disney Plus. Currently, there are many developments regarding Disney Plus, the digital platform that excites the industry in Turkey.

The platform, which will start broadcasting on June 14, has also reached an agreement with Burak Deniz for series and movies to be shot in Turkey. However, Burak Deniz has already set out with the series “Cahil Periler” shot in the summer months.

Thus, Burak Deniz took part in Italy’s first domestic series for Disney Plus and played in another country’s domestic production before Turkey.

In the meantime, in an interview with TV100 before going to Italy for the premiere of the series, the actor stated that he took part in the last 4 episodes of the series, emphasizing the importance of the movie Cahil Periler, shot in 2001, for the cinema, “The movie is a cult movie. Let it be a surprise for the audience, a beautiful project awaits. It was a project worth adapting to a TV series,” he said.

Burak Deniz, who stated that the character of Asaf entered the story as the nephew of the character played by Serra Yılmaz, will be included in the story in this way.

Evaluating the interest received by Turkish players abroad, the actor said, “They love it, so they welcome it. Turkish TV series are now sold and broadcast in Italy and many countries around the world. Of course, Turkish players attract great attention,” he said.

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