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5 July 2022 12:46


After the O Ses Türkiye experience, Gizem Karaca sang in her own voice for the first time!

Famous actress Gizem Karaca attracted attention by singing in the O Ses Turkey contest, which she attended for a while. However, it was also revealed that the actress sang for the first time in one of her projects.

You will watch Gizem Karaca in the character of Hatice in the movie named Dayı, which was shot in the summer of 2020 and whose story was written by Ufuk Bayraktar. In the story that takes place in the 1970s, Hatice appears in the movie as a character who entered the casino environment to become a singer, staying away from the dirty relations of that period and focusing only on making records.

Gizem Karaca sang in her own voice in the movie Dayı, which was shot in Adana and was released on December 10, 2021. In fact, the actress said that she had the opportunity to do dubbing, but she did not want it.

Gizem Karaca shared her excitement about singing in a project for the first time at the premiere of the movie Dayı. The actress said, “I had O Ses Türkiye experience, she was incredibly excited. I had a chance as a dubbing. Someone close to my own voice could have voiced it. But I believe that whether the actress’s voice is good or bad, only she can give that feeling. I don’t have a perfect voice, I’m aware of that. I don’t know of any dubbing voice that could give a better feeling for the character I act. That’s why I wanted to do it myself,” she said.

Indicating that she is open to all kinds of criticism about her voice and does not claim to sing well, Gizem Karaca also stated that she received singing training 3-4 months before the shooting.

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