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18 August 2022 15:45


After the successes of Dolunay and Erkenci Kuş, the possibility of a new series for Öznur Serçeler!

Famous actress Öznur Serçeler was born on January 1, 1987 in Kayseri. Having received her music education at Mersin University Conservatory, the actress continued her musical studies at Bilkent University. Öznur Serçeler, who joined the World Youth Orchestra at the age of 20, started acting in 2011.

Even though her musical studies lagged behind when she switched to acting, Öznur Serçeler created a new world for herself. The actress, who is remembered with the character of Mina in the TV series Hayat Devam Ediyor (Life Continues), worked on the sets of the series with different roles.

Especially with the character of Fatoş, the actress made a big breakthrough in the Dolunay (Full Moon) series, and then did a successful job as Leyla in the Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) series.

Öznür Serçeler has only appeared in movies since the Erkenci Kuş series, which made its finale in 2019. The actress, whom her fans could not see in the series, took part in the movies named Mirrorless Haluk, Allah Yazdıysa Bozsun.

Recep İvedik 7, the project that will bring the actress back to the fore in the last period, is eagerly awaited. Öznur Serçeler’s fans are also waiting for a TV series from the actress, who also prefers cinema…

After the movie Recep İvedik 7 prepared by Şahan Gökbakar for Disney Plus, it was revealed that he was also considering a digital series. Will Öznur Serçeler play a role in Recep İvedik’s TV series? Fans will be very pleased with such a situation.

If such a situation occurs, the fact that the actress has not been in the series sets since 2019 will have changed. Öznur Serçeler’s fans are also excitedly following the developments about the actress on social media.

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