Artists News The attention Can Yaman received in Brazil was like proof of how popular a star he was!

The attention Can Yaman received in Brazil was like proof of how popular a star he was!


With the projects he has been involved in so far, Can Yaman is among the celebrities who are just at the beginning of their career journey. Even though he still has a very long marathon ahead of him, not only Can Yaman’s acting achievements but also his personal performance impress large audiences.

In addition to being a sympathetic and handsome man, his emotional closeness to his fans seems to be an important factor in why he is loved so much.

Can Yaman does not have a good relationship with the press in Turkey and the news published in the country is generally based on negativity.

However, when you look at social media, the interest shown by large masses of people to Can Yaman shows a completely different reality.

Can Yaman went to Brazil and the interest that started from the airport and continued in the events he attended is worth seeing.

The fact that Can Yaman has become popular with projects such as Erkenci Kuş and Bay Yanlış, that he has charted a new career path in Italy, and that he has improved his dialogue with his large fan base in recent years is not enough to explain his popularity.

Because, his fans will have seen a completely different truth in him, and their showing their love so strongly seems to be a result of establishing this emotional bond.

Can Yaman is essentially a good person, he portrays a characterful, sympathetic and approachable image.

It would not be wrong to say that his ability to empathize with the people around him, not only with his talents but also with his personal characteristics and emotionally, is the key to him being able to meet people from so many different cultures at the same point.