Series News 3 successful women ignited a big change with the TV series Bahar!

3 successful women ignited a big change with the TV series Bahar!


Demet Evgar plays the leading role in the Bahar series and she creates wonders with her acting skills.

In the director’s chair is Neslihan Yeşilyurt, the director of productions that won the hearts of millions such as Yasak Elma and Sadakatsiz.

The producer of the series is Asena Bülbüloğlu, one of the successful women of recent years. In other words, the great synergy of 3 women, together with the combination of side factors, was reflected in the Bahar series as a great success.

Let us immediately remind you that the Bahar series achieved the best results of the 2023-2024 season with its ratings, made a spectacular leap with the first 7 episodes broadcast, and the story captured the hearts of millions of viewers.

Behind this important success lies the strong synergy of 3 women. Of course, the entire cast, script group and technical team, along with Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, Buğra Gülsoy and Ecem Özkaya, who play the leading roles, also have a very important share in such a great success.

Demet Evgar drew attention with the following words about what kind of change the Bahar series project caused in terms of television series on the screen:

”She even changed it; In our country, works that are popular and accepted by the audience are immediately accepted as a ‘movement’, and we watch many works in different shades of the same genre. Bahar has truly blossomed under the dominance of TV series based on patriarchy. It is not possible to just say ‘women’s work’. Yes, there is a woman at the helm, but actually life itself is at the helm. Pure comedy, humor in tragedy, evil and healing, all these notions come to life in Bahar like branches of a tree.”