Series News Such a strong cast in the TV series Yan Oda was made a victim of the scenario!

Such a strong cast in the TV series Yan Oda was made a victim of the scenario!


The rating results of the TV series Yan Oda (Next Room), which aired on Star TV on Saturday evenings, were the most important indicator that the script was not liked by the audience.

When you look at the cast of the series, it is clear that it is made up of very important names. Many TV series fans cannot accept how a project that brings together names such as Şevval Sam, Caner Cindoruk, Onur Seyit Yaran, Derya Pınar Ak, Melek Baykal and Nazal Kesal can achieve such bad ratings.

Criticisms about the script being incompatible with the cast of the TV series Yan Oda, where harsh criticism has been made towards its story, continue to come to the fore on social media.

It did not surprise many series fans when it was revealed that Yan Oda had actually made its finale with its 4th episode. Because, in its current state, it did not seem possible for the series to progress any further.

The news in the press that even the final episode was not requested to be shot and that the story ended as of the 4th episode is not a surprise for the audience.

Social media users state that the story in Yan Oda series is weak and question how such scenarios are accepted by the production teams and how the actors can make such mistakes.

Many series fans, who share posts such as “Who watches the love of stepsisters?”, evaluate that it is a shame to have such a strong cast.