Series News Yan Oda TV series must fight harder to survive!

Yan Oda TV series must fight harder to survive!


Yan Oda (Next Room) series, which is broadcast on Star TV on Saturday evenings, had a good rating in the second episode, even though it had low ratings in the first episode. However, the expectation that this breakthrough would continue in the 3rd episode did not come true.

It was observed that the series, which achieved the same rates as last week in the all people category, had a very small increase in the AB group, and experienced a decrease in the ABC1 group.

The series finished the day in sixth place in all people and AB groups, and is in fifth place in the ABC1 group.

The series, which includes important names such as Şevval Sam, Caner Cindoruk, Nazan Kesal, Onur Seyit Yaran, Derya Pınar Ak, Derya Karadaş, Bülent Polat, Nezaket Erden, also has an effective story.

We can say that the series, which tells about the deep gaps between two families that are strangers to each other, is in a troubled situation with its below-average ratings despite its strong cast.

Even though viewers have not yet shown great interest, it seems that Yan Oda series still has a chance with its slightly below average ratings.

The next few episodes of Yan Oda will be very important in terms of audience interest. It is understood that a stronger struggle must be put forward in order for the series to survive.