Artists News For Can Yaman, the Italian series Viola Come il Mare represents a new career beginning!

For Can Yaman, the Italian series Viola Come il Mare represents a new career beginning!


Even though the projects he took part in in Turkey were very popular and he was successful in promoting himself with these roles, it must be admitted that a brand new career adventure began for Can Yaman in Italy.

Can Yaman, who was born in Istanbul in 1989 and uses the language advantage of studying at the Italian High School, is now continuing a brand new career journey in Italy.

Can Yaman has always been involved in good projects throughout his career journey, which started in 2014 with the role of Bedir in the TV series Gönül İşleri.

The TV series İnadına Aşk, Hangimiz Sevmedik, Dolunay and Erkenci Kuş helped the actor take one step further in his career journey.

Of course, it is worth noting the role of Erkenci Kuş series in being broadcast all over the world and Can Yaman’s role in influencing such a wide audience.

Can Yaman, who we last watched on Turkish television in 2020 with the TV series Bay Yanlış, is now in a completely different world.

The actor, who has gained an important place in Italy in the last 3 years, is now rapidly progressing towards becoming a part of the Italian TV series and cinema industry.

It is also possible to say that with the detective series Viola Come il Mare, Can Yaman had a different role in his career in Italy, one that moved away from the simplicity of expression in Turkish TV series.

The fact that the series achieved very good rates in the ratings and influenced a wide audience was recorded as another success for the actor.

We witnessed that Italian actress Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman had a very good harmony in the TV series Viola Come il Mare.

Now there is Can Yaman, who has moved on from romantic comedy roles and tested his talents with different, action-oriented productions with the TV series El Turco and Viola Come il Mare.

It should be said that the actor is also preparing for a new Italian series called Sandokan, which he has been preparing for two years and will stand out with its fight scenes.

Considering this entire process, the success and correctness of Can Yaman’s decision to end his career in Turkey and chart a new path for himself in Italy has been proven.