Artists News Kerem Bürsin managed to outshine Can Yaman this time!

Kerem Bürsin managed to outshine Can Yaman this time!


We have witnessed that the names of Kerem Bürsin and Can Yaman have come to the fore in the “most popular male actors” list prepared weekly by Adba TV. Kerem Bürsin, who appeared in front of his fans with his new TV series “Ya Çok Seversen” (If You Love), does not fall off the agenda of social media with his impressive performance.

Although Ya Çok Seversen did not get very satisfactory results in terms of ratings, the reason behind the explosion on social media was the great love for Kerem Bürsin. The fans of the actor praised Kerem Bürsin, who returned to the screen after 2 years, on social media.

The Ya Çok Seversen project has also become a topic of conversation all over the world, and Kerem Bürsin’s leading role created great interactions on social media. It was this interaction that enabled the actor to win the first place in the research covering 12-18 July.

Kerem Bürsin, who was the most popular male actor last week, made a big difference to all his rivals on social media.

It was remarkable that the player overshadowed his closest rival, Can Yaman, with 41,500 messages in a week. The number of messages shared in one week for Can Yaman was 27,700.

Kerem Bürsin managed to outshine Can Yaman this time! 7

Kerem Bürsin ranked first with 53 thousand 600 messages in the research conducted between 5-11 July. Can Yaman, on the other hand, was in the second place with 23,600 messages last week.

This rivalry of the two famous actors, which has been going on for weeks and attracting attention on social media, is followed closely by their fans.

It is also an important detail that Kerem Bürsin never left the top in the competition that has been going on since the beginning of June.