Series News If the Ömer series had continued in its third season, its chances of success would have been less!

If the Ömer series had continued in its third season, its chances of success would have been less!


Viewers of the Star TV series called Ömer have been disturbed for a while on social media by the fact that the project is making its finale on Monday, May 6, with its 54th episode. It is possible to find many comments reflecting this situation on social media.

In fact, the audience is quite right, because the Ömer series had no problems with diversifying the story. However, the fact that the main story of the series can no longer progress has an effect that reduces the importance of the side stories.

The story of the characters of Ömer and Gamze could no longer be expected to be the main attraction to attract the audience to the screen. For this reason, continuing the Ömer series in the third season would be taking a big risk.

It’s normal for TV series fans to want a project they rightly love to stay on the screen longer.

However, both the team’s desire to continue the project, hesitations about the story carrying the series throughout the third season, and the continuing increase in costs due to high inflation force the series producers and broadcasting channels to act more radically.

With its performance declining to average ratings, the fact that the Ömer series even completed its second season should be seen as a great success.

The main reasons for the success of the series were the stable graphics in the first season and the high loyalty of the audience. However, it was both difficult and risky to continue this situation in the third season.

The removal of the Ömer series from broadcast seems to be a result of the idea of ‘let’s leave it alone’ considering the current economic environment.

The successful performance and strong harmony of Gökçe Bahadır and Selahattin Paşalı duo seem to be among the most important reasons why the project is remembered.