Series News Gamze Faces a Great Danger in the 52nd new episode of Ömer TV series

Gamze Faces a Great Danger in the 52nd new episode of Ömer TV series


Ömer, which draws attention with its story that puts love against all impossibilities and its strong cast, will air its 52nd episode on Monday, April 22 at 20.00 on Star. The series, starring Gökçe Bahadır and Selahattin Paşalı, appeals to a wide audience.

While the falling ratings of the series seem to be a significant problem, it is expected to make its finale at the end of the second season. Well, the plot of the new episode of Ömer, which will air on Monday evening, April 22, is as follows;

Gamze and Ömer make a great effort to prevent the chaos that arises with İlkim’s arrival and to prevent Uncle Yılmaz from learning the truth. Learning about the past between Nurhayat and Reşat, Çiçek screams everything in Reşat’s face and is on the verge of leaving.

When Nisa learns that Hakan is the one who sent the letters, she is greatly disappointed, and Hakan wants another chance for their relationship.

Ömer learns an important truth about his father and has a big confrontation with him. Tired of Yılmaz’s pressure, Fatma raises the flag of rebellion against her brother.

Vicdan, who is preparing to tell Tahir an important truth, decides to make an unexpected move with what she hears from Şükran.

Rahmi and Fatma take a big and beautiful step in their relationship. While positive developments occur in Gamze and Ömer’s relationship, Gamze is left alone with a great danger.

Produced by OGM Pictures and produced by Onur Güvenatam, Ömer is directed by the successful director Cem Karcı, and the script is written by Deniz Madanoğlu and Sedef Bayburtluoğlu Gürerk.

Ömer is on Star on Monday, April 22 at 20.00.