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20 August 2022 05:22


Ahsen Eroğlu is following the path of Deniz Can Aktaş, her partner in Menajerimi Ara!

Actress Ahsen Eroğlu, who made a throne with the character of “Dicle Ertem” in Star TV’s Ay Yapım signed Menajerimi Ara series, decided to meet with her fans on the theater stage rather than appear on the screens after the series finale.

DasDas made a rapid entry into the 2021-2022 season with its cult games, as well as with different new games. Last month, DasDas premiered ‘Romeo and Juliet’, in which Deniz Can Aktaş gave life to ‘Romeo’ and Naz Çağla Irmak gave life to ‘Juliet’, and now, ‘Ağaçtaki Kız’, adapted from Şebnem İşigüzel’s novel of the same name, preparing for the premiere of the play.

Ahsen Eroğlu is in the lead role of the play. Eroğlu preferred to meet on stage with her fans, such as Deniz Can Aktaş, her co-star in the TV series ‘Menajerimi Ara’. Tunahan Çilingir accompanies Eroğlu in Ağaçtaki Kız.

Fans made many comments under Ahsen Eroğlu’s latest post on her Instagram account. Her fans, who seem to miss the actress from their comments, are impatiently waiting for the day when the play will be staged.

Her followers left many comments on her photo, which she shared with the note ‘I’m fine’, as ‘December 10 will come’. The premiere of Ağaçtaki Kız will take place on December 10 at 20:30.

The play, which was adapted and directed by İlksen Basarir from the novel by Şebnem İşigüzel, has a remarkable story.

Ağaçtaki Kız, a girl who begins to tell her story over a plane tree, and Yunus, whom she met when she found the place where she would spend the rest of her life; friendship, dreams, disappointments, falling to the ground, being able to get up from the ground and sharing their secrets.

Ağaçtaki Kız will meet with theatergoers at DasDas on December 11 and 27 at 20.30, and on December 19 at 17.00.

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