Series News Ahsen Eroğlu’s TV series projects are in danger!

Ahsen Eroğlu’s TV series projects are in danger!

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Famous actress Ahsen Eroğlu has been on the sets since 2016. The actress, who stepped into the sets with the character of Meleki Hatun in the Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem series, later took part in good projects.

The actress, who made an important debut with the character of Duru in the series Anne, later gave life to different characters in many projects. In addition to TV series such as Kızlarım İçin, İstanbullu Gelin, Kuzgun, the actress also appeared in movies.

Ahsen Eroğlu last played the leading role in the TV series Menajerimi Ara last season and was highly appreciated. The actress said that for the new season, she made a deal for 2 TV series, both television and digital. But these series projects were put in jeopardy.

Stating that the shooting schedule has been moved forward, the player will probably be able to go to the sets in early 2022. The actress, who created an opportunity for herself, decided to take part in the theater during this period.

The actress, who started rehearsals for the theater play Ağaçtaki Kız, loved being on the stage. In her statement, the actress also implied that if she could not break away from the theater, she might not take part in the series projects.

Ahsen Eroğlu spoke as follows about the new TV series projects: “We had meetings for the series. We had a few projects that we discussed for digital as well. They just pushed it forward as a calendar. At that time, there was a time left for me and what I had been waiting for years was theater, I wanted to continue with it. I’ll decide that after I do the theater. I started to enjoy it. I am learning a lot of things. I am constantly reading and researching. I may not be able to break away from here because this process feeds it. I do not know.”

With these words, the famous actress also implied that she could take a break from the series sets for the theater. While the actress says that there is no clear situation yet, she is preparing to appear in front of the audience soon with the theater play.

Underlining that she is not a character that she will not play a role in, the actress said that she made her project choices by looking at the story and the depth of the character.

Ahsen Eroğlu used the following expressions: “There was nothing I said I wouldn’t play, I look at how deep the character is and what it tells. If they’re all good, if it’s okay with me, I’ll accept it. Happiness should be something that gives pleasure. I have to work while having fun, otherwise I can’t do it anyway.”