Artists News Ahu Yağtu mirrors real life with her role in the TV series Kardeşlerim!

Ahu Yağtu mirrors real life with her role in the TV series Kardeşlerim!


Famous actress Ahu Yağtu took a break from TV series for a while after her effective performance in the TV series Kadın (Woman”) The actress, who reunites with the audience as Suzan in the TV series Kardeşlerim (My Brothers), does justice to her role. The contribution of the experienced actors to the story along with the young names brought the love of millions to the series.

Ahu Yağtu is also featured in the character of Suzan, who has a passionate relationship with Akif character and knows how to go through many difficult events. Yağtu commented on the relationship between Akif and Suzan as follows:

“It’s actually a big passion between them. They’re like common criminals. I think they complement each other very well in that sense. No matter how bad she has done to Akif… Shee can’t give up because he sees her as a hero somehow. Yet he keeps it aside. But I don’t know what will happen after that.”

With the divorce of Akif and Nebahat, the change in the character of Suzan also drew attention. From time to time, the audience can’t figure out Suzan’s feelings towards Akif.

Akif is a bad person and he and Suzan have complementary aspects. In fact, Suzan, who sees evil from Akif, cannot somehow break away from him.

According to Ahu Yagtu, what lies under this is that he sees Akif as a heroic person. Do you know how often this situation occurs in real life?

The stories of many women who have been subjected to violence by the man they can’t give up despite seeing evil are actually represented by the relationship between Suzan and Akif in the TV series Kardeşlerim.