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9 August 2022 13:13


Ahu Yağtu talked about the enviable atmosphere on the set of the Kardeşlerim TV series!

Famous actress Ahu Yağtu continues her career with the ATV series called Kardeşlerim (My Brothers), after her strong debut in the Kadın’s (Women) TV series. The actress, who was born in Izmir in 1978, is one of the prominent names in the series with the character of Suzan.

Kardeşlerim, where young actors made a great leap forward, had a very successful two seasons with the support of experienced names. During the break before the third season, the team will save energy and come together at the end of August to start filming again.

Ahu Yağtu also gave some details about what happened on the set of the series. Mentioning that the reflection of team harmony on the screen is a synergy, the actress said, “It is a synergy, after all, it is impossible not to be reflected on the screen.”

Emphasizing that no one has to love their friend they act with, Ahu Yağtu said, “You don’t need to love the person you work with, but respecting them is tense. In that sense, the result of the work is clear because everyone does their job professionally.”

These words of Ahu Yağtu show that in addition to a strong harmony on the set, an environment in which everyone respects each other is created.

Expressing that she will go on vacation with her son in the summer, Ahu Yağtu will continue to be one of the important names of the story in the third season.

Kardeşlerim series won the hearts of millions with its 56-episode two-season adventure. The series, which achieved very successful ratings and became the second most watched program on Saturday evenings, also attracted attention with its steady success.

The third season of the series, which reaches millions of viewers every week, is also eagerly awaited and a very successful period is expected again. The most important secret underlying this is the success of the script. Of course, team harmony and the right choices in the selection of actors also played an important role in this success.

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