Series News Akın Akınözü fans were disappointed with the finale of the Yaban Çiçekleri series!

Akın Akınözü fans were disappointed with the finale of the Yaban Çiçekleri series!


It was a great surprise that the third episode of the television series titled Yaban Çiçekleri (Wild Flowers) was the finale on ATV. The fact that a project that had just started and could not fully convey its story to the audience was wiped off the screen in such a short time revealed one of the bleeding wounds in the history of Turkish TV series.

It was surprising that the series, which intrigued the audience with its strong promotional campaign and excited the fans of Akın Akınözü and Aslıhan Malbora duo, achieved low ratings.

Many comments from the fans of the series, stating that they liked this couple and that their energy and harmony were very nice, were left with a heavy heart after the finale.

When the first two episodes of the series received very low ratings, it was decided that the third episode would be the finale. Although ATV is generally known as a channel that supports its TV series, it was confusing that Yaban Çiçekleri disappeared from the screen in such a short time.

In particular, it seems that such situations upset fans of foreign TV series more than domestic viewers.

Foreign fans of Akın Akınözü have difficulty understanding these developments. How can a project that has just started come to an end in such a short time?

It is not easy to explain to foreign viewers that a series whose story has just begun and whose excitement is brand new has been taken off the air due to low ratings.

That’s why the TV series Yaban Çiçekleri was a complete disappointment for fans living in different countries who wholeheartedly support every project of Akın Akınözü.